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Backwards Racing for the 4th

Posted Jul 05 2013 8:41am
I feel like I’m about to write the same list of excuses for my bad race again for the who knows number of times! Sorry instead of subjecting everyone once again to my list again I’ll be brief on yesterday’s half marathon. We have run this race every 4th of July since it started in 2010 and have no plans of stopping. It is a great way to start the day.

The race begins at 6:30am so this meant a nice and early wake up after 3 other middle of the night wake ups from a 3 year old who now goes to bed fine but doesn’t stay there all night. I woke up that morning just not fully awake and feeling kind of blah (for lack of better words). I had a sore left quad and right glute (lots of leg work on Tuesday, dumb move!) and was just not feeling the race, it was hot and humid for the first time since last summer.  

Luckily I had team tent access so this meant a smaller bag drop and short port-a-potty lines J I also ran in to a friend from high school in the team area, great to catch up a little as we walked to the start line. I decided to make an attempt at racing but no where aiming for a PR and lined up between the 7 and 8min pace figuring a 7:30 would be comfortable. Boy was I wrong! Less than 1 Mile in and I knew this was not going to be fun. Immediately I was overheating, legs (not hamstring J) were sore, then a few miles in a headache crept in. I decided I needed some electrolytes, but this only resulted in tummy issues (must buy more Huma Gel!). The course winds through some neighborhoods and along a golf course and the middle is hilly! I hit the stretch of hills from Mile 6-7 and knew I needed to take these easy if I didn’t want to have issues with my hamstring. I started walking and talked a little with another runner. We were both injured and running much slower than our normal paces and it honestly helped to talk to someone else who said “screw the time, let’s enjoy the run” JShe soon slowed to support a friend and I headed on. Threw on some good music and decided to just let the iPod push me along.
Notice the Nike in the back?
I was happy that the hamstring was not one of my issues, but knew my goal of a sub 1:40 was not happening. I was getting warmer and decided to shed the tank for the last mile. In the process I discovered the tie of my shorts was in the back! What? No wonder why they felt strange when I started running. Now I am nearly laughing as I realize I have my shorts on backwards. Oh, wow…seriously how does this happen? I guess this confirms that I am tired and focused on much bigger things: upcoming boards, some answers on health issues, this hamstring injury, etc. I ran the final mile now knowing why my favorite shorts were not feeling great! I crossed  having no idea of my time and actually not caring. I grabbed ice for my hamstring to be safe and headed to watch the rest of the race and see Matt and my dad (who ran a new PR- 2:06) finish.
I Love being able to enter the team tent, the end of the race has chips, bananas, hot dogs (not veggie dogs L) and popsicles but the team tent has pineapple and watermelon, yum (and cupcakes but who cares). I grabbed my plate full of fruit and my bag. It was a reminder of where racing s headed when I was not allowed to check my own bag and there were signs all over “Do Not Leave Bags Unattended” ugh, it is sad that things need to be like this but I fully understand. Are you seeing changes at races to increase safety?

I have decided that I just need to focus on the comeback. As I think about it I have not done any speedwork in months so I honestly can’t expect to race great when I only run easy! Time to ease back in as the leg is better and focus on my goal half in 2 months and goal marathon in October.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July! 

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