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Back to Running!

Posted Apr 22 2013 6:52pm


Hey friends! Sorry from the long hiatus from blogging! I’ve been pretty ill for the last few weeks and I spent most of my time on bed rest! I guess blogging is synonymous with running for me, and I didn’t feel much like writing about how fun it was to be stuck in bed all day haha! But I’m mostly better now and I had my first run back yesterday, so life is good again! :) Thank you for the kind messages and emails!




Yesterday some friends and I headed up to central London bright and early to watch and cheer on our teammates in the London Marathon and the London Mini Marathon. It was a beautiful sunny day and the Mall (where the finish line is) looked amazing!



All the runners were handed black ribbons with their numbers in memory of the lives lost last week at Boston, and a minute silence was held before the races. The security and police presence seemed greater than in previous years too, which we were all thankful for.



The London Mini Marathon is a race that means a lot to me. Two years ago, it was the first “real” race (I did a 10k fun run before that) I competed in. It introduced me to competitive running, to the running team that I now train and compete with, and to the wonderful and iconic event that is the London Marathon. Running it was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life. The race is held over the last 5k of the marathon course just before the marathon itself starts, so the crowd support is unrivalled.


After the London Mini Marathon 2011, my first race!


Mo Farah himself is actually a three-time winner of the London Mini Marathon! The race is also great because runners receive the same medal and awesome goody bag as the runners of the full marathon do, which is obviously the highlight of the race ;) Last year was my final year of being eligible to run the LMM, because I’m sadly too old now, and I remember feeling tearful as I came down the mall to the finish line as it hit me that this was my last time! But I know that someday I’ll run down that finish after running the full marathon distance, and I can’t wait for that day :)

London Mini Marathon 2012

The winning team of the London Mini Marathon 2012!


So yesterday although I was sad not to be racing, I had a great time cheering my teammates on! They all did fantastically and our team won again! Being able to train amongst so many talented athletes definitely has made me a better runner, and our team is so fantastically supportive of each other.




Naomi is my “little sister” and she especially did AMAZINGLY, coming in 3rd out of over 200 girls in 18:25 for the 5k!! And she’s only 13! She’s a little star and I’m so proud of her!! Love training with these girls :)


Naomi being carried post-race by her big sister Abi…despite “not being tired” haha


After my friends had finished, I headed to the finish area to find them and we watched the elites race on the big screen together. Both races were so exciting, especially the last mile of the men’s race!! We then picked up some food at a nearby Tesco’s and then headed to St James’ Park for a little picnic. Apparently the five runners needed a dozen Krispy Kremes after racing…who knew ;)



Later in the afternoon, I went on my second run of the day (I did a short easy run that morning), taking full advantage of the beautiful sunshine! It’s always really hard coming back to running after an extended time off, but running with friends makes it that much easier :) IMG_7749


I also went out in the evening with two of my closest friends. Our favourite pub was having a 90’s music night, and all being 90’s kids, this made our evening! And who doesn’t love dancing the Macarena ;)



Plus in just over a week Catherine and I will be performing a double concerto with an orchestra for the first time!! We will be performing it on tour in Italy this summer too, and I was beyond delighted when I was asked to perform it with my best friend! Right now I’m more excited than nervous, so I hope it stays that way!



This evening was my first session back at the track for a month or so! I had a speed session, and I think I conveniently forgot how fun but painful those are! Especially when you train with an 800m runner and a 400m runner! But having them pull me along makes me faster…or at least that’s what I tell myself when I feel like my legs are about to fall off :P  



I’m currently writing this post sitting halfway up the stairs, because my lactic-filled legs won’t carry me any further. Boy did I miss this!

Have you ever run the London Marathon? Did you watch it this year? I definitely plan to run it sometime within the next few years! I watch it every year and I love it :)


What is your favourite race? My favourite is definitely the LMM, but I also love National Cross Country!


What was the highlight of your weekend? Being able to RUN again!! And the marathon of course!


Have a great week friends! <3

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