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Back to Running...a Little

Posted Jun 02 2009 4:38pm
After Bloomsday I took two weeks off of running because of my Achilles tendon. I strained it pretty bad a couple of weeks prior and on the advice of my physical therapist I rested. I continued to workout riding my bike on the turbo trainer. I have to work extra hard on the turbo trainer to get my heart rate up to 150 but when I run my heart rate jacks up to 150 right away. My therapy is going ok. I think the rest has helped more than the PT because my ankle hurts worse the next day. I have started doing two things to help and people laugh at me when I tell because they know my views…I have been stretching and icing!!!!!

I ran once last week and my tendon doesn’t hurt but rather the pain is on the inside of my leg close the shin. My next run was a few days ago out the SFCC. I headed out through Mukogowa to get to the trail but they put up a big fence. My legs felt so sluggish and me feet were beating up the pavement.

This morning I headed out from home and it was gorgeous! I usually don’t see runners down here in south valley but saw a handful this morning enjoying the sunshine. As I was running I heard a honk and looked up and saw a familiar SUV coming towards me. It was Dan Coyle Sean’s Dad. We exchanged greeting then I continued. I realized that I have turned in to Jim McLachlan…When I coached with the Eagles I was always amazed at how many people he knew. Everywhere we went he knew someone. We were traveling back from Colville after a meet one evening and the bus stopped at this little gas station along the way. Jim was talking up guy in the station. It his eighth grade basketball coach...This is just one example…so how have I turned into Jim? Everywhere I go now I run into people I know...usually from coaching...running, the movies, a concert...most everywhere.

I finished my 30 minute run then rode for 30 minutes.

I had a great time visiting with all the coaches the weekend. I asked most of them about next fall's cross season and without exception they all down played their team's chances. Sand baggers! :-)
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