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Back To Real Life

Posted Mar 28 2011 10:49pm

After a long weekend of fun and sun, it was back to reality today.

Yep, I'd rather be on that beach right now.

I slept through my alarm (nice work, Liz) and in an effort not to be super late to work, I only dried my hair about half way.  Thanks to my ability to wear my hair curly, I was only 10 min late for work. Hooray!

I totally was going to skip the gym… it’s cold out (21 degrees? Seriously?!) and I’m SO TIRED…. but after receiving a reply to my tweet that I was debating skipping, I decided I should go (Thanks, Julie!) .

Hello again, Lincoln Park Equinox!

I’m so glad I made myself hit the gym.  The plan was to run 2 miles and take Definitions class (weight conditioning).  I foam rolled before running a nice and easy 2 miles on an easy 1% incline, in 18:30 min. I moved on to Definitions – and was pleasantly surprised to see that Tonya Dugger was subbing for our usual instructor.  Tonya rules.  I love her classes, but they never seem to work with my schedule. It was just what I needed on a night I wasn’t  pumped to work out. After class I did some ab work (old school sit ups and planks), 30 push ups (10 full, 20 on my knees – I’m already sore) and leg lifts for hip strength (from last summer’s PT routine).  I finished up the workout with a little more foam rolling.   I love workouts that turn out awesome, when I was debating skipping the gym.   Such a great way to end a Monday!

Not bad, eh?

Also, and I know this is bad and might make me sound a lil crazy, but I think having a little tan makes everything better… including workouts.  I just feel better when I have a tan (and nice, bright blond highlights to match!).  I stopped regularly tanning years ago, but I got some color over the weekend and man… I swear my gym clothes looked better tonight!  I’m also going against my “no tanning bed” policy for this next wedding (first week of May) in Florida.  Although the bridesmaid dress I am wearing is absolutely beautiful and looks amazing on, it unfortunately does not go with my bright white Midwestern skin. I don’t plan on tanning the way I used to (which was like every day), but just go enough in the next few weeks that I’m not so pale that I’m neon white!!!

After arriving home, I finally checked my mail and laughed when I saw the postcard that Matthew Cat received from Italy!

Italian Cat sends his love!


Matthew Cat is an international sensation!  Thanks, Katie , for thinking of MCH while you were abroad!

Have a good night, friends!  Tomorrow is Tutoring Tuesday – I can’t want to see my little 3rd grader!

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