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Back online :-)

Posted Nov 12 2012 9:29am
I started writing out a very long update, but I will summarize instead.

* During "Superstorm" Sandy, our neighbor's trees fell and took out a utility pole and blocked my car in our driveway.

* It took 5 days to remove the tree from laying across the street.

* We got our power back after 8 days in the dark.

* The power stayed on until the Nor'Easter.  We had our lights and heat on for about 30 hours before it went out again.

* The power was off for another 2 days.  During the DAY, our house got to 56 degrees inside.  It was cold.  My inlaws got to 44 degrees. It was unlivable.

* We have amazing neighbors who let us use their generators to heat our home for a few hours each day.  In a disaster, the best you can hope for is being surrounded by kind neighbors because your local leadership will probably disappoint you.

* We suffered very little damage to our home and we are incredibly lucky and thankful.

* It is frightening how much we rely on gasoline and the shortage on Long Island has been scary.  Desperate people  are dangerous.

* Our power is back, but there are still wires everywhere.  I'm very worried that another storm will knock us out again.

* Our public utility company sucks.  Their means of communication with the public are outmoded and frustrating.

* For a week following the storm, I had no idea the scope of the damage.  The pictures of Long Beach are breaking my heart.

We are very fortunate that live is beginning to get back to normal.  I'm not taking anything for granted and although the gas situation seems to be getting better day by day, I'll continue to try to conserve gas. Also, if anyone has an amazing generator that they recommend we get, please let me know!

As soon as I finish my lesson plans, I'll start writing my MCM recap.  It's been two weeks but I still want to share that amazing experience :-)

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