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Back in the saddle

Posted Apr 10 2012 2:41pm

I have lived at the University of Tennessee for over four months now and have yet to go to our state of the art recreation center.  Mostly because it is about a mile just to walk there plus I’m not the “gym” kind of person–I prefer group fitness classes.  So last night I checked the class schedule and saw that they were offering kickboxing and spin class back to back.  I was slightly apprehensive about going since I have not attended group fitness in close to seven months.  Not wanting to go alone, I sent out a text to a few girls that I had met in my PE class earlier in the semester.  Luckily someone said yes but only to the cycling part!

So I went to kickboxing alone.  Remember the glory days of kickboxing when I’d strap on my gloves and spend hours punching a bag or a person?  Yeah, not the case in this class.  o bags were offered, so I just took a spot at the back and attempted to look coordinated.  It was a great workout and the instructor did lots of high intensity cardio which I enjoyed.  I probably won’t be going back just because this type of kickboxing isn’t really my style.

the face of a champion, right?

Spin class?  My girl Jessika was so kind as to meet me to take this class.  I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 months since our class ended.  Jessika is a bit of a girly girl and always looks dazzling in her pink and almost always has a bow in her hair.  During the half marathon last week I copied her style and donned a little pink bow in my hair.  Just for her. 

friends let friends wear bows.


There was a surprisingly small number of people in the class but we took a spot in the back of the room.  My legs were feeling nice and loose since I had just got done with kickboxing, but I still felt strong.  The instructor played some niiiice and groovy jams perfect for getting our heart rate up.  I’m glad I took a sweat towel, because the sweaty juices were flowing.  It was great to have a sidekick with me for the class and it was even better to be back in the saddle.  I have definitely missed spin.  My legs are definitely feeling it today so I’m going on a nice slow run later this afternoon.  Rock on, and throw down. 

what, you don't take pics after a hard class? Kelsey Godfrey is an outfit repeater (Lizzie McGuire reference)

What is your favorite group fitness class?  Do you like workouts better if you have a friend with you?  Do you think it is too girly to work out wearing pink and bows? 



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