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Back Bay Yoga Vinyasa with Ame Wren and Happy Thoughts

Posted Nov 12 2012 6:30am

One of my November goals was to practice yoga three times a week.  Guess what?!  I have done this for the first week of November!  Thursday I had core yoga, Friday I practiced  yoga with Heidi and yesterday afternoon I went to Back Bay Yoga studio to practice with Ame Wren .

When I practice yoga I think about what my body needs and what it wants at that moment.  It’s like therapy for my mind and soul-as cheesy as that sounds!  It gives me time to relax and focus just about me.  And when there are others around me, I feel like they are the crowd cheering when I run a marathon.  Which reminds me…I have been really starting to miss marathon training so getting out to this class was just what I needed to get my mind clear.

The instructor Ame challenged me and made me learn my limits.  It reminded me of when I may feel a little down and question, ”Will I be able to run a marathon again?”  I know I can and will-it will just take some time!  This injury is just a challenge for me to overcome and become stronger from.  And I realized how much I really have appreciated my time being out of the marathon scene.

I know I’ve said it before, but I just like to remind myself and others that might be injured and feeling down…Take your injured time with a grain of salt.  Yes, it sucks but get over it and make the best of it.  Fill your time with something different and see if you can love that too.

As much as I used to feel that running was my life-running is not life.  It is just something about life that I love!  Without my injury I wouldn’t have found my new loves of yoga, strength training and new friendships.  Because I wasn’t just running a million miles with the same people, I hung out with some of my other friends more and we have become closer.  I have learned to relax and take some JESS time.

So all in all-I miss you marathon training and I’m ready to come back!  But if I can’t for a little longer-watch out-because I am going to be coming back much wiser and stronger!  Sincerely, Little Miss Runshine.

PS. Having a break away from you has allowed me to work on this badass move…

(Image from Yoga Headstands post )

Before you know it-I will be doing a handstand!  Or some crazy arm balances! :)


Have you ever been injured?  If so, what was the most important thing you learned while being injured?


Do you take time for yourself?

I have learned to take more time for myself.  I love being surrounded by people, but have learned that time for yourself is necessary.

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