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Back Bay Exhale Spa Core Fusion Cardio with Catherine Tucker Marshall

Posted Mar 02 2013 9:26am

My friend Margaret and I decided to aim for yet another Friday morning workout to start our weekend off on the right foot.  This time we found ourselves at the Back Bay Exhale Spa core fusion cardio class .  I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone was telling me that they thought I would love this class.  I had been to Exhale before for a Gilt deal that I purchased but only had attended the core fusion barre basic classes.  I was looking forward to testing the waters with something new.

Kristina  frequents Exhale quite often and told me to be sure to hydrate well for this class because you will sweat a lot.  She usually grabs a towel to place at the top of her mat to help when you are planking.  I forgot to ask her what weights to start with so I grabbed 2lb and 4lb weights just in case I might need a heavier set.

Exhale Core Fusion Cardio

Before we started, I noticed Catherine was looking around the class.  I saw her heading my way and was wondering if she was going to introduce herself.  I was happy to find out that she was heading my way for just that reason!  She asked if I had any injuries, if I had taken the class before, and even showed me some of the moves that I would be doing during the class since I hadn’t taken the class before.  Lastly, Catherine checked to see what weights I had and subtly hinted that I’ll probably use the 2lb weights more than the 4lb.  I appreciated the hint because I didn’t want my arms to be jelly before we even really got started with the workout.

It was pretty busy for what I would expect in a morning class.  Catherine requested that we stagger our mats to make room for others.  Then we started warming up at the top of our mats, swaying our arms.  Because we were so close, I hit the girl next to me a few times.  The first time we both said sorry and the second time she looked at me kind of aggravated and said, “That’s why she said stagger!”  I thought, “Eek!  I didn’t mean to hit you and she told us to go to the top of our mats and I was just following instruction!”  From then on, I was VERY aware of where I was.  I didn’t want to hit the girl next to me by accident at any time.  I could tell she was a regular in the class-she nearly perfected every move-and she probably didn’t want to deal with a newbie messing up her daily routine.

After I was able to successfully avoid hitting the girl next to me, I really started to really get into the workout.  My whole body is sore today because the class worked every inch of me.  I described it to my friends as a modern day aerobics but way more intense.  You will find yourself planking, plank running (mountain climbers), doing pushups, and using weights for not only arm exercises and balancing exercises and burning that core.

I think my favorite part of the class was that it had boxing, kickboxing and yoga moves with weights that all challenge your strength, balance and coordination.  I am terrible with anything that requires some sort of coordination (that’s why I love running which is one repetitive movement!) but the class eases you into each move.  You always start doing every move slow and then pick up speed so that your body can get into the flow.  By the end of the class, I was really getting the hang of it and looking forward to the next class.  I already scheduled my next core fusion cardio class for next Monday!

Kristina warned me to head ASAP to the showers because the lines form really fast.  Exhale only had a few showers available for both a 6:15 am core fusion cardio class and a 6:30 am core fusion barre class to use.  As much as I wanted to take advantage of all the nice products Exhale had available, Margaret and I decided to skip out on showering there and showered at work.  It kind of looked like the shower line was moving ok, but I get antsy waiting in lines when I have to get somewhere.

I have 9 more classes left and am looking forward to trying some of the other classes at Exhale!  Margaret and I decided that we are going to go some weekend and take our time to really enjoy the facility.

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