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Back at Buffalo Creek

Posted May 16 2013 8:58pm

Last year around this time I was making my way back to Wisconsin with plans to drive up to Fargo for my second full marathon. My redemption marathon. We stopped by Lisa’s farm for a quick tour , met bloggers, I talked my mom into the most humid 5K ever and then I rocked at life at the Fargo Marathon with the last few miles being my strongest. It was an awesome weekend and with all the Fargo Marathon FB notifications I’m kind of jealous and wishing for another marathon…kind of.

I get to thinking about a marathon then I go for a run on exhausted legs and realize that maybe it isn’t such a great plan. I’m not writing a marathon off forever…just for now. I have high hopes for another massive PR if I ever run another and that’s going to take a ton of work. I’m kind of lazy. It’ll probably be a LONG time before I run another marathon!

Plus, I’m pretty sure Chris is happy I’m not eyeballing any marathons. The biggest downfall of marathon training was the amount of time I had to dedicate to running. Just running. Lots of running. Skipping a run to go mountain biking or hiking was not acceptable. It happened from time to time, but I always felt like I was cheating.

2013-05-14 12.44.03
…the dark clouds off in the distance after we headed back down…

With my current “training plan” the primary goal is to spend time on my feet. Running is good but if I end up hiking or biking instead its completely okay. That is exactly what we did on Tuesday – I cut my run short and went biking. Its been a long time since we drove up to Buffalo Creek and Chris has been talking about it for weeks. It was so familiar it didn’t seem like it had been that long, then we found a brand new trail – with a newly built bridge – that we knew nothing about!

2013-05-14 12.44.48

The best part about this trail system is that you have so many options from a single trailhead. You can ride 5 miles or 25 miles without repeating any single track {you do have a few miles on a 2WD road, but there is so much single track it doesn’t matter}. Chris always pushes to go further while I’m happy with a solid double digit ride. We usually end up going further while I whine about it.

This time we had to compromise courtesy of the weather. We headed out on what could have easily become a 16 mile ride but as we neared the top the clouds started looking ominous. We kept climbing for a while but ended up turning around right near the top. It would have been possible to keep going and get to the car just as quickly but the trail ahead was completely exposed…not a good plan if the clouds are threatening to lightening and rain!

2013-05-14 12.47.21

Of course we left the clouds behind as soon as we turned around it felt kind of foolish to be riding down the trail we just fought our way up, but the trail was fun. Neither of us have ever ridden down this trail – its always been our way up. That might change – it was a lot of fun on the way down! We still managed to get 12 miles in, not bad.

Even on the fun down hills I’m a complete slow poke when biking. I have this odd fear of gravity – I need to be in control and just flying down a trail does not give me much control. Let’s just say my brakes get a good work on the down hills! This gave Chris plenty of time to get to the bottom, wait around and snap some pictures when I finally caught up.

Other Fun Facts: Don’t trust your husband with the sunscreen, both of my shoulders have finger prints outlined in burnt skin. If you’re the cautious one avoiding rain it will not rain. You can tell when bike season is back by just looking at my legs – already bruised up. Your butt hurts a lot less on the 2nd ride of the season.

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