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Baby in 3D

Posted Jan 29 2013 12:00am
We had yet another doctor's appointment today.  I'm as tired of writing about them as I'm sure you're tired of reading about them.  But, today's appointment was with our high risk doctor which meant another ultrasound.  This was supposed to be our last ultrasound....more on that later.

We started the ultrasound with some good news: the baby's head is down.  Sweet!  I was nervous because last time the baby was breech and I wanted at least a possibility of having this child the way that nature intended.  Then the sonographer measured the head.  She said, "ooh, that's a big head."  Yikes!  The ultrasound continued and she kept measuring things.  "Yeah, you've got a big baby."

What's big?  Well, based on the size of the baby, my due date has been moved up a whole week.  While most babies at 31 weeks are about 3.3 pounds, our baby is about 4.5 pounds.  The baby is in the 75th percentile and the head, the giant head, is measuring in the 99th percentile.  Yes, I have to birth that giant head.  Even though I have worked out my entire pregnancy and studies have shown that people who run during their pregnancy tend to have lower weight babies, Dave and I knew there was a possibility that we would have a big baby.  See, I was almost 9 pounds when I was born and Dave was almost 10 pounds.  So think how big our baby could be if I had not been running, swimming, walking?

Anyway, at the end of our ultrasound, the sonographer said she was going to try to get one of those 3D pictures of the baby.  We were surprised by this.  We thought those were a special ultrasound that you got and had to pay for separately.  She began this scan and of course, the baby got shy.  It's already so much like Dave and me.  Every time the sonographer would move the wand over the baby's face, it would put its hands over its face.  She would move the wand away and it would drop its hands.  She would try again and again its hands went up.

Finally, she caught the baby off guard and was able to get two pictures of the face.  I know I'm biased, but seriously that is a cute face.  I love that the baby has a chin dimple just like Dave and me.  It makes it all seem a little more real - we're going to meeting that face in a few weeks.

After our ultrasound we met with the doctor and his intern.  We just adore him.  He's awesome.  He mentioned how big the baby was and they have decided to do another ultrasound in the 36th week to make sure the baby isn't getting too big or to decide to induce my labor early.

Also in good news, the doctor asked me about my mental health and depression.  Knowing how severe my depression has been and my high likelihood of having post-partem depression, the doctor has decided to put me on the Prozac I was supposed to start taking a year ago.  He asked why I hadn't been taking it this whole time. Good question!  My regular doctor prescribed it to me a year ago when I was a mess and put me on Prozac specifically knowing that it was safe to take during pregnancy.  Talking with two different OBGYNs about it, even letting them know I was suicidal at the time, both of them said no.  My high risk doctor and his intern both said it was okay today.  I KNOW!!!  So, I'm going back on it during my 37th week until who knows when to help with my anxiety and possible depression.  This is a move I should have done long ago.

Overall, a good visit.  A long visit, but a good visit.
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