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Baby Baum: Weeks 22 & 23

Posted Oct 30 2013 9:58am

Two more weeks have come and gone. I am definitely starting to feel a bit like a broken record around here – weeks are really starting to fly by. Its hard to believe I’ll be at the 6 month mark on Sunday! I completely forgot to get in the week 22 picture, but here I am Sunday, marking the start of week 23. Whoa Baby!

23 Weeks

Baby Baum has a lot going on the past couple of weeks:

  • He or she is now the size of a grapefruit, measuring 10.5 to 11.8 inches and 12.7 to 20.8 ounce
  • He or she is forming little nipples
  • It’s face is fully formed now — he or she just needs a little extra fat to fill it out.
  • Baby B is listening to my voice and my heartbeat — and even to loud sounds like cars honking and dogs barking.

As for me….

Weight gained: I’m guessing I’m around 10-12 lbs. I was 10 at the last appointment, and I am sure I have put on a bit more since then. Just look at that belly from week 15 to now, week 23

Week 15week 23 comparison


Workouts: I have been feeling pretty great in the running department. I’ve been getting in my 3-4 days a week or running, along with 2 strength training days. I even was able to get in 5 miles this past weekend, which was awesome. I’ve been waiting to sign up for the local Turkey Trot until I knew I would be comfortable with the 10k distance. After completing the 5 miles, I know I’m ready to go!

Bump 23 weeks

Symptoms: At the end of the day, my low back is pretty sore and tight. I can tell I have something definitely pulling on my back at this point, that’s for sure. The more I stay off my feet during the day, the better I feel at night. Usually by the time Marcus and I take Winnie for her 1-1.5 mile walk at night, I’m toast! I have been feeling a bit more thirsty in the past 10 days or so too. I am always keeping my water handy. Otherwise, I am really feeling pretty normal.

Movement: I can finally say yes to this! I was feeling light flutter for about a week, and now, it is pretty distinct kicks and movements. Marcus was even able to feel the baby last weekend too, which was no doubt the best part! It only happens a couple of times a day, but he or she is definitely quite active in there.

Food Aversions or Cravings: Nothing really for either one. I did have way more sweets last weekend than usual, but I got back on track this week and am feeling a bit more normal. Whenever anyone asks, I always mention the pregnancy is a bit boring from that perspective – but I am a-ok with that!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping like a rock. Sometimes I have to get up to use the bathroom at night, but not all the time. Lately, it is never more than once, which is great!

Stretch Marks? Nope!

Fun Things from the Week:  I found out the H&M sells maternity clothes! I picked up a couple of shirts that are so much cuter than some of the things I’ve recently found. Their pants definitely don’t fit (whoever thought skinny jeans and pregnancy go together is very confused), but I’ll take what I can get! Oh, and of course feeling Baby Baum move – hands down the most fun part.

H&M Mama Maternity line

Belly Button in or out? It is definitely poking out – not completely, but it is well on its way!

Wedding rings on or off? On :)

New baby items? We picked up the crib over the weekend, but still need to put it together. We got a dresser/changing table off of Craigslist and my mom  found a glider at Salvation Army that is perfect! We are going to recover the cushions with fabric to make it our own. I also went with my mom last week and got the fabric for the baby’s quilt and bedding. She is making the quilt for us, so Baby Baum will have something one of a kind. I can not wait to see the finished product!

Looking forward to: The next month! With the start of the holidays upon us, we will start to see a lot more family, which makes me sooo excited! I also have a goal to get the nursery done before Thanksgiving, which gives us just a few more weeks. Pressure is on ;)

Anyone else like to find used baby furniture and then spruce it up a bit to customize it?

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