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Baby Baum: 14 Weeks

Posted Aug 27 2013 11:17am

Week 14 is here! It was actually here Sunday, but I am the worst at taking pictures. I always tend to forget. This is something I am going to get better at. As for the quality, I was told to have them taken before Marcus goes to the gym, rather than after. I guess his muscles are too fatigued after to take a steady picture – noted! Better pictures to come for the next bump post – maybe I’ll do it without the post workout look. ;)

Baby Baum 14 Weeks.png

Before I get to myself, here is what is going on with Baby Baum (BB) at 14 weeks:

  •  BB is now the size of a lemon! Considering one of the very first updates I read was when he or she was the size of a poppy seed, a lemon seems huge!
  • He or She can on its thumb, wiggle its toes, making urine, and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, spleen, and kidneys continue to develop
  • Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over the body for warmth

What’s going on with me:

Weight Gained: I think I am at about 5 pounds total, which is about 10 lbs from where I was before drastically reducing my exercise to get pregnant in the first place.

Workouts: I was able to get in 4 days of running this week, and 2 strength sessions. Unfortunately, I didn’t get in any yoga or swimming – woops! I already have yoga on the schedule for today, and hope to get to the pool tomorrow and then a day this weekend. I got in a 3 month mileage high run on Sunday – close to 5 miles! We had an amazing breeze and low humidity, so I took advantage of it. It felt so nice to be able to run more than 3-4 miles again. I was completely whooped the rest of the day, but was so thrilled about being out for a little bit longer than normal.

Symptoms: The second trimester energy surge is still hiding out somewhere, and I am definitely looking forward to it showing its face soon! For me, as long as I get good rest at night, and get in a nap here and there, I’ve been pretty good. I definitely crash pretty hard at night, so I am nearly useless after dinner. Otherwise, just the normal pregnancy stuff – sore boobs, random breakouts – ya know, the fun stuff!

Food Aversions: Most meat, unfortunately. I just can’t seem to stomach it lately, unless of course it is tossed in batter and deep fried –> trying very hard to stay away from that though! I’ve had a few completely vegetarian days in a row, which I am not a fan of. I tend to get stomach cramps when I don’t eat enough protein, and I feel like that has been happening. Hopefully this aversion will be on its way shortly.

Food Cravings: Salty, salty, salty! Specifically, potato chips! I was bad and bought a bag of Ruffles over the weekend and probably shouldn’t have. I have no self control right now, so I really have been keeping them hidden so at least I don’t walk by them and just grab a handful or two.

Sleep: Its been great, except for last night. I just could not get comfortable. I sleep on my stomach when I am just falling asleep, and then tend to roll to one side or the other. Obviously, I’ve had to change this, and I have not been liking it much. Even when sleeping on my side, I can’t find a comfy spot. I am really starting to be aware of my stomach now, which is making it a little tricky. A couple of nights ago, I got up 4 times (!!!!!) to pee, but luckily, that is way out of the ordinary. It is usually only once or twice each night.

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing has been purchased for the baby yet (and probably won’t be for a while), but I now own my first pair of maternity shorts and belly band! Something I hadn’t expected was how quickly my butt and upper thighs would be growing. I’ve only gained the 5 pounds, but whoa baby – I am certain my weight has been redistributing! I pretty much can’t fit into any of my pants anymore. I have picked up a few elastic waisted skirts that I can wear now and post baby, so at least I have a few things to wear. I plan to hit up a few places this weekend and hopefully find a few more bottoms. I haven’t had much luck so far, but am hoping that will change this weekend!

I am still working on exactly what I want for the nursery, so I have been pinning like crazy! We plan to start working on it in October, so we have some time. Knowing what I want ahead of time is key so hopefully we can find some deals :)

Miss anything?: Ohh sushi – so very much! I really need to go have a fix of some cooked sushi, just to fool myself a bit. Also, I wasn’t a big drinker before getting pregnant, but I do find myself missing the occasional glass of wine, mostly in the social setting. Going to happy hour and parties just isn’t the same at the moment! ;)

Any good places I can find maternity clothes? I’ve checked a couple of places and really haven’t had much luck!





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