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aWeSoMeLy wOnDeRfuL!!!!!!

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:29pm
What is it about running in the rain that makes you feel so ALIVE?
I think it could be the thought of something new.
It could be the splashing you make as you run through a puddle. I sure feel like a kid when I do this.
It might be the cool rain, splashing on my face.Even though it gets in my eyes. (I still need to find me some sunglasses)
Maybe it is the look on peoples faces as they pass you while driving in their warm, dry vehicles. You know the look.... "is she crazy, or what has she been smoking" look.
Today, for me, it was the passing cars that seemed to splash me with puddle water. Like I wasn't wet enough.
Ran 7 miles this morning. It feltaWeSoMeLy wOnDeRfUl!!!!
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