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Awesome Swim Workout

Posted Aug 14 2013 9:41am

Today I hit the pool once again!  Lately it is the best way to get my cardio in without to many interruptions!  The boys start school August 19th.  I am looking forward to structure again, that seems to lack in the summer time.

Today’s Swim Work kicked my butt!  I plowed through the main set but started to drag a little during the ladder.  I guess the monkey bread I ate before we headed out was not the best choice.  I definitely had a lapse in nutritional judgment.  Usually I stick with PB & Honey before any cardio session but the monkey bread looked so good!  Oh well lesson learned.

Warm Up: 400 yard

400 yard - easy

Main set: 2,000 yard

300 yard alternate 50 free/50 non-free - medium (rest: 20)

200 kick with board – medium (rest: 20)

100 freestyle - medium (rest: 20)

10 x 50 yard build on 1 min, get faster throughout each 50 yard effort) (rest: 10)

2 x 450 yard (400 swim, 50 m kick with Board). The 400 swim is 100m hard, 250 m moderate, then 50 m hard straight into 50 m kick hard with board. (rest: 60)

Recover: 200 yard

200 yard breaststroke - easy

Ladder: 800 yard

25-100-25 with pull gear. This is a 800 yard set where you do a ladder as follows: 25 yard hard, 25 yard steady, 50 yard hard, 50 yard steady, 75 yard hard, 75 yard steady, 100 yard hard, 100 yard steady, 75 yard hard, 75 yard steady, 50 yard hard, 50 yard steady, 25 yard hard, 25 yard steady.

Cool down: 300 yards

300 yard - easy (rest: 30)

Total distance: 3,700 yards


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