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Awesome GoLite Shirt Sale

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:49am
Before today’s post, a couple of reminders and updates about ongoing promotions announced here previously …
Icebreaker's merino wool base layers are available at a 25% discount (with my coupon code) from Wilderness Running Company through this Sunday. On a related note, my wife wanted me to say that the shirt I reviewed has been worn and laundered through 4 laundry cycles already, and I still don’t stink. Apparently that qualifies as miraculous.

The kigo footwear I tested is available at a 20% discount with coupon code gokigo20 through November 26th. Also, remember how I wondered why the company doesn’t capitalize its name? It turns out that one of the owners did her masters study in literature, and is a huge e.e. cummings fan. So there you go; I love it when there’s a simple explanation.

As for today’s post, it’s another review with a promotional sale attached. If I get too many more of these things going, I’ll have to start putting out a weekly circular or something. In the meantime, there are sweet bargains to be had from Wilderness Running Company. They have some general cold-weather gear promotions going on, and provided me a handful of samples to test. Today’s post has shirts, with reviews of a jacket, gloves and tights coming soon.

This week’s specials come from GoLite, a company I profiled when reviewing their outstanding Rush pack, which remains my favorite backpack for hiking and general purpose use. The short version is, they started out making lightweight hiking gear, but have successfully expanded to trail running gear with the same premise: that light and comfortable is always better than heavy and cumbersome.

For fall 2009, GoLite has completely overhauled their baselayer offerings. They have form-fitting garments named BL-1, BL-2, and BL-3 (it stands for Base Layer, natch) with thickness designated by the numbers. The midweight BL-2 is probably the most versatile of this group, but all 3 models are discounted, so there’s something for everyone’s preference.

The shirts I tested are DriMove moisture-wicking long sleeve tops in crew neck (pictured, and linked) and zip neck styles. They are a more traditional (not form-fitting) cut, which I generally prefer, and they feel very soft and comfortable against my skin. With morning temps in the 30s at my house lately, I wear this top underneath a vest or jacket, and I’m good to go.

GoLite’s DriMove shirts have a pretty cool and eco-savvy fabric enhancement technology called Cocona, which utilizes activated carbon from the inside of discarded coconut shells (do you ever wonder who comes up with these ideas?). Fabrics with Cocona supposedly transfer moisture off the skin over 50% faster than other moisture-wicking materials, and help absorb and trap a wide range of odors. In practice, I’d say they’re not as effective at de-stinking as the merino wool Icebreakers, but the funk factor is certainly diminished compared to my regular running shirts.

(And is it just me, or have we been discussing my body aroma far too often around here lately? Thank goodness we won’t have this issue when we get to the headlamp reviews – at least, I’m pretty sure we won’t.)

So while these GoLite tops may not have the sex appeal of the fancy merino wool garments I recently reviewed, they are very durable, comfortable, versatile staples of a winter running wardrobe – and best of all, they’re totally affordable.

All of the GoLite shirts I’ve mentioned – the DriMoves and all three BL thicknesses, in either crew neck or zip neck, are on sale at a pretty steep discount - as in 40 to 50% off - from Wilderness Running Company. My website code still applies, so using R&R10 gets you an additional 10% off those already killer prices. If you were waiting to top off your base layer supply for the winter, the time is now.

*products provided by Wilderness Running Company
**See other product reviews on sidebar at right. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at
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