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Away for the Weekend {BLEND}

Posted May 20 2013 5:33pm

This past weekend I ditched Chris for a weekend with a bunch of crazed women at the Blend Retreat in Park City, UT. I know he was super bummed about being left behind but hey, someone has to make a living around here! And technically he was invited, after all, he is a blog reader. He may only read my blog to catch spelling errors {then wait 5 days to tell me…} but that is blog reading.

There are going to be a multitude of blog recaps going up over the past week so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Besides, when there are other people taking hundreds of photos I tend to forget to take my own so I don’t have a lot of visually stimulating content anyway.

The weekend away started by road tripping from Denver to Park City…

2013-05-17 05.58.47 2013-05-17 10.09.56 2013-05-17 11.10.06 2013-05-17 12.11.04

…did you know Wyoming is about as exciting at Nebraska?! It is…and by exciting I mean extremely boring. There were long stretched of empty highway with no cell reception, which meant no Pandora and limited radio stations. Luckily we are easily entertained and survived on old school country music and $0.50 ice cream cones!

2013-05-17 16.09.11

As soon as we made it to Park City we picked up our massive swag bags and headed out to find real food. Road trip sugar and caffeine can only hold a girl over for so long! Food was found, bellies were filled and settling in was done.

Before we get into the “yay, awesome people” part of this post I need to say one thing.

Holy swag bag! And to think I thought last years swag was awesome. This year we got so much more! I tend to fall into the category of “horrible food blogger” so some of this stuff I’ve never heard of but our Chobani duffle bag was chuck full of Muesli Fusion samples, Laughing Cow coupons, Erewhon cereal, SoyJoy bars, Bob’s Red Mill samples and coupons, FitMixer tubs, PROBAR bars, Silk coupons and so much more. Plus, we had a “room drop” with fun stuff from Zevia and CorePower . And there were sponsored bloggers handing out freebies – I snagged some LockLaces , Healthy Bites and Vega . Oh, and I can’t forget the Living Proof tank and Blend t-shirt. Seriously, so much stuff.

I realize that is a huge paragraph of links – I get nothing if you click over on any of them, I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to ever single company that made this event possible. Seriously, the swag was so amazing. Next year I might go just for the swag…

I kid, I kid. The people were pretty great too! I lucked my way into a room of CO blogger {+Erin, but we’ll claim her as our own} so we’d all met before. It was so nice knowing everyone we’d be sharing space with! Not that it would matter all that much if we were complete strangers…our room was gigantic and everyone had plenty of space! Seriously, our 2 bedroom suite was bigger than my 2 bedroom apartment and far more luxurious than anything I’ll ever live in!

photo (1) 2013-05-17 19.41.11

To kick off the weekend we had a welcome dinner that involved dressing up, drinking Silk cocktails, a buffet of food and a free photo booth with props. Need I say more? Okay, I’ll say more…we abused the take-as-many-as-you-want rules of the photo booth. Then we giggled like school girls the rest of the weekend when someone pulled out a strip of photo booth pictures!

780766b0c01011e283e622000a1fb86d_7 2d6b186cc00c11e2987d22000aaa0a97_7 a4ab0f78bff211e2917a22000a9f1587_7 75e8dd4ac0a711e2945d22000a9f13ca_7
…roommate love – me, Tiffany , Lauren , Erin and Paige

The rest of the weekend consisted of a rainy run, a Laughing Cow breakfast, my first attempt at yoga in a studio, brewery visits, sushi, a muddy run, made-to-order omelets courtesy of Chobani and a long road trip home with a car full of swag!

2013-05-19 16.03.58

We got adventurous and took a different way home – down through CO rather than up through WY. Just as boring, at least until we got into the mountains. Then it got prettier…and windier…and full of cops. We probably say roughly 20 cops on our 8 hour drive. That is a bit excessive, dontcha think?! We were even lucky enough to meet one…oops.

But we prevailed and we made it home! Tired and ready for our own beds, but happy and glad we spent the time on the road for an fantastic weekend away from home to hang out with a group of great women with so many similar interests and goals!

Photo Credit: I took no people photos on the entire trip. I have no idea how I managed that, so I begged and pleaded for photos…then got impatient and stole some from the Instagram feeds of @agirlandhermutt , @tiffanynico and @oatmeallauren . Thanks ladies, by the way!

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