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Avoid Major Ski Injuries & Prep For The Perfect Run With Boston Sports Club

Posted Feb 14 2013 11:04am
This post is brought to you by Boston Sports Clubs !
World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn is recovering from recent surgery to repair torn knee ligaments and a broken shin after a painful crash during a recent downhill race - a harsh reminder that one wrong move on the slopes can result in serious injury. 

Try the Boston Sports Club's Black Diamond Workout with a Personal Trainer today! This workout is an expert training program that focuses on leg strengthening, core conditioning, and agility and balance to help skiers properly condition their bodies before hitting the slopes. Say goodbye to burning thighs during runs, the Black Diamond Workout will build your endurance, enhance your balance and have you ready to ski black diamond trails like a pro.
(1) Leg conditioning and strengthening:
Moguls: Stand next to a step and jump both feet on top, then jump both feet down in a fast side to side motion for 30 second intervals
Jumping Lunges: lunge forward on your right leg, with knee over angle, not past toes, then jump into the air and scissor legs so that you land into a left lunge. Repeat for 30 seconds.

(2) Core conditioning and power:
Mountain Jumpers: Get into a plank position with hands under shoulders and head, hips and heels in one straight line. Engage the abs and jump the knees in towards the left elbow. Jump back into a plank. Jump knees into the right allow and back into a plank. Do 20 mountain jumpers total.
Extended Crunches: Lay down onto your tailbone and elbows with palms on the ground and legs extended on the floor. Crunch your knees in toward your chest and exhale, while moving up onto your palms. Inhale and extend the legs long, hovering 4 inches off the ground and lean back on your elbows. Repeat 20 times.
(3) Balance and agility training (Required equipment - BOSU Ball)
Stand on a BOSU. Step off to the left and squat twice. Jump up and push off the right leg. Land on the BOSU with the left foot and right foot on the floor to the right of the BOSU. Do two squats. Repeat and jump back to the left.
Stand on a BOSU, balancing on the right leg. Lift the left leg to the side and then sweep it in front of the right leg while squatting with the right. Lift the left leg back up and repeat 10 times. Switch sides.
Pictures are of Master Trainer Bron Volney
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