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Auto Show Shuffle 5k race recap

Posted Jan 27 2013 6:35pm
This recap is a week late, but it's definitely better that way. Had I posted it on that day, I may have posted something silly. Something about being mad at myself or frustrated with myself. Now? I'm over it and know I was being ridiculous. Now I can give a much better, less dramatic recap.

Let's start at the beginning. I didn't sleep much the night before. I was nervous. I have no idea. Maybe because I haven't tried to race in a while. Either way, I didn't start off on the right foot for the morning. Ryan drove me downtown and we accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up at the tunnel to Canada. We tried to find a turn around and there wasn't one. Just as we found a little turnaround right before the tunnel, we were waved over by border patrol and had a full interrogation plus car search where Ryan had to surrender his keys.  Once they realized we weren't looking to smuggle illegal things or cause harm, they wished us luck on the race and sent us on our way. It was scary at the time, but it's pretty funny now.

The race took place right by the riverfront. It is gorgeous, but it was chilly and windy as all get out.

This was our view when we first got there
beautiful sunrise on the water.

And Ryan took a pic of me right by the water before the race: love love love that background.
We made our way to the building where all of the other racers were hanging out so I could use the bathroom.  And then went back outside to snap a few more pics before the race started.

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