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At least its not spine surgery...

Posted May 07 2009 9:24pm
I'm heading in to have my wisdom teeth removed and am actually really nervous! I'm being put to sleep and having all 4 out. You would think with all the surgery I've had this would be easy for me, but I'm a big baby. Seriously! I hate being put to sleep! I always have nightmares. The very first time I was put to sleep at age 9 for a spine tumor removal I remember them putting the mask on me and telling me to count backwards from 100. As I counted back my vision became tunnel like and slowly the darkness faded in, I felt like my consciousness was falling backwards into my body and I could see the light getting smaller and further away. It was a cavernous, domed, pitch black existence I fell through and as I slammed down into a black glass pool of water at the bottom I suddenly woke up. When I woke up I was in the worst pain of my entire short life, I had been opened and violated, and was too young to compartmentalize the pain. I remember being transferred from the gurney to my bed in the pediatric ICU, they lifted me with a sheet and I felt searing hot pain rip down my entire back. I'm pretty sure my wisdom teeth removal wont be so dramatic!
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