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At Least I Tried

Posted Aug 18 2010 1:22pm

So, in a moment of surprise, I actually felt motivated enough to head out the door in the early afternoon and get my 400 intervals done. When I got to the local High School track, I noticed the football team was practicing on an adjacent field, so I moved onto the track and got things underway.

My mile warm up went well, and I settled into what was planned to be an 8X400  with 400 rest:

  • Interval 1: 1:59
  • Interval 2: 2:04
  • Interval 3: 2:13 (!!!)
  • Interval 4: 2:01
  • Interval 5: 2:08 (Starting to tire. Tongue dragging.)
  • Interval 6: 2:15 (Friction of tongue dragging over long distance slowed me down)

And – just as I was dreading interval #7, the football team made their way over to the field (which is in the middle of the track) for some live drills. I had two more intervals and a mile warm down left (two more miles), but, not wanting to be the Running Flat Guy, I decided that I would wrap up the evening*.

On tap today – 4 easy miles (I’ll add one of the missed miles from yesterday). It’s uncharacteristically warm and humid for Southern California (it rained on me on the way to work this morning), so I’m hoping I won’t melt.

* Analyzing the data, it turned out that things went pretty well anyways – I spend over 9 minutes at heart rate above 88% of max.

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