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At home workout with GaiamTV’s Rodney Yee’s Hip Opening Practice

Posted Jan 04 2013 6:13am

I hate to say it…but the core strengthening class I took at South Boston Yoga the other night really tightened up my inner thighs and hips. I wasn’t feeling so hot at work yesterday and had to alternate sitting on my regular chair and  my exercise ball . I would get up to walk and it would be difficult to walk!

So when I got home from work, I immediately got into my yoga clothes (don’t judge-they are the same clothes I wore to the core class the night before) and found a yoga class to do. I was tempted to rush to Samara Yoga in Davis Square to get to their class but I decided to take my time at home and find a class on .  I practiced with the Advanced Yoga Hip Opening with Rodney Yee .

My hips were tight and the class helped but at some points it moved a little fast for me because I really wanted to stay in the pose for longer.  This reminded me that I should try to get to a Yin class like  Ame Wren’s at Back Bay Yoga  soon.  However, I kept up with Rodney and I ended up doing my first elevated lotus pose (Utthita Padmasana)!  I love that I keep trying new poses every time I practice.  I probably sound repetitive when I say “first time doing blah blah pose” in almost every post, but I just can’t help but spice up my practice and challenge myself to new fun poses!

Elevated Lotus Pose

I finished up the video with Rodney, and then did a few other poses my body was craving.  I wanted to not only fix my hips from sitting at work all day but prepare my them for a short run.  I’m trying to stick to running consistently so I can get to my next running goal of the Foxboro 10 miler .  I did well because I got 3 miles in!

Jan 3 2013 - 3 miles

I felt pretty good except for my hands.  Even though I was wearing gloves, my fingers were stinging and swelling.  I guess it was pretty cold out!  I think I am going to start to run with heavier, fleece gloves instead of my fancy Lululemon performance gloves that are thinner.  No one wants frost bitten fingers!

Jan 3, 2013 Weather

The other bad thing about my run is that I decided to go down a road that wasn’t as populated.  There were two men that looked at me funny…if you are a woman, you know the feeling…they are checking you out in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.  And I got scared.  I turned around and ran faster because I wanted to get on a more populated road.  It was only maybe 15 seconds that I was near them, but it was 15 seconds too long!  I was glad to get home both to be warm and safe.  I had my own little yoga sesh to make sure my muscles didn’t tighten up from being out in the cold.

Workout at home completed…mission accomplished!


If you are a woman, do you ever get afraid of running alone at night?

I don’t usually run alone at night-I usually go with Dave.  Dave was out on a guy night tonight so I decided to head out solo.  If I run on the main roads I am fine because there are tons of cars and college kids waltzing around getting froyo and what not.  But I decided to stray a little bit.  Lesson learned-main roads it is!

Do you like cold weather running?

I actually don’t mind it!  Like I said, I was warm except for my fingers.  I also don’t like having to be careful of ice and slipping, but overall, I really like cold weather running!

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