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As some of my blog readers know, ...

Posted May 22 2009 10:41pm

As some of my blog readers know, I' m a big fan of the TV show Scrubs.  Scrubs recently wrapped up it' s 8th season (now on ABC) with a show called "My Finale" in which JD (the main character) leaves the hospital.  The entire season 8 was definitely one of the better seasons.  I think Scrubs was given much more freedom with the move from NBC to ABC.  Despite running 7 seasons as NBC it seems like they never really liked the show.  The one hour "My Finale" was very touching - and yes it made me cry.  I' m a sap.  Of course it also made me laugh.

I read that Scrubs will be back for a 9th season.  A couple of the main characters (including JD) will be back for 6 episodes and the creators are playing with new format ideas for the show (which was always narrated by JD).  The show will focus more on some of the newer interns - some of who are awesome like the character "Denise" whom JD always called "Jo" since she reminded him of Jo from Facts of Life.  Turk, Dr. Cox and the Janitor will all be returning as series regulars.

While season 8 seemed like a goodbye and grand series finale to Scrubs in a way, I am excited to hear about it' s continuation and I do think the show can be just as successful without Zach Braff or Sarah Chalk as series regulars.  Hopefully the don' t ruin the perfect ending with a season follow up that is a shell of the former show.

Here' s to at least one more year of Scrubs!

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