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As One Door Closes Another Door Opens

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:34pm

I have been super busy since my last blog moving and starting a new job. Amongst the upheaval I ran 14 miles and cycled 70.

Today was a glorious day with the big smiley face of the sun shining down on us leaving behind at the end of our ride an evident cyclists sun tan. Venturing out this morning I left behind my sunglasses, on such a day I could of kicked myself, however, maybe it was not such a bad thing as today with glasses amiss I was able to see past my 30 mile problem. Very similar to my 6 mile stalling distance with running I also have a similar problem when ever I have not cycled for a while where by I get to 30 miles and then tire, however, today 40 miles took me past this annoying glitch.

This has not always been the case. I did my first century ride last year and a 64 mile ride in the hills of Skipton which for me was tough. A lot of training rides last year were between 20 - 80 miles though this year I have not done a great deal of cycling.

I used to work 12hr shifts days/nights and often found it difficult to stay motivated, however, it's an exciting time ahead as I am now working permanent days therefore structure and consistency will now be in place for my training. Focus focus focus! I plan to run every morning before work and cycle every evening. Booked in at the gym next week for a devised weights programme which will also be included weekly. Oh I will soon be one fit girlie! No longer will Philip have to wait for me at the top of every hill we climb as hopefully I will be right behind him.

Who is Philip ? Philip is my inspiration, my motivation, my friend and my partner. A couple of years ago he asked me "do you fancy going for a bike ride" and for me this is where my journey with two wheels began, oh I have struggled at times, I have had to ask him to slow his pace and shouted more times than I can remember "bench" when my legs began to fail me on long rides. He has cut short rides for me planned flat routes when ever my legs have not been up to the challenge of hills and ALWAYS waited for me even when I have insisted he go ahead.

What a great partner and motivator you must be thinking! Well, just as when you buy one and get one free there are two of these motivators for Philip has a twin brother Paddy . Paddy lives in Texas, and whilst on the other side of the pond he like Philip is also a cycle enthusiast and his passion for cycling plays a huge part in his life. Take a moment to check out their blogs as I am sure you will find them both very entertaining and informative.

While I am no athlete by any stretch of the imagination my aim is simple. To run further and pedal faster. We have a ride in three weeks Flat Out In The Fens 77 miles and London To Cambridge 66 miles in July. My first century ride I did last year we are doing again in September Manchester 100 . Philip is also going to run with me so hopefully we will be looking for runs as well as cycle events to do.
Swimming next maybe!!!!

On a not so lighter note I was rather miffed to say the least when I stood on the scales on Friday. Following an 8lb weight loss on a detox plan and then for a further two weeks been exceptionally good
  • Sat in Mc Donalds and drank a slim fast milk shake while everyone had burgers and chips
  • Passed on Chinese take away
  • Ate healthy for two weeks
  • Did not steal sweets from the hands of my ten year old niece.
  • Made it to the checkout in the supermarket without adding naughty goodies to my basket
  • Ignored the smell of cooked breakfasts and opted for fruit when I could hear all too loud and clear sausages crying out to me
  • And I ran

The scales on Friday were not kind to me. I guess I should count my blessings that it was not a gain. I had stayed the same weight that I was two weeks previous. Still, I had my moment of cussing and throwing my dummy out followed by images of all the naughty things that I was going to eat. I got over it. The images disappeared and a woman with a fantastic toned body who could run far and pedal fast came back to mind, it keeps me going and so I carry on and vow that the dam scales WILL move in my favour next week.

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