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As if my Garmin deciding to die wasn't bad enough 10k Race Recap

Posted May 20 2012 5:41pm
If you read yesterday's post you read all my ready made excuses as to why I would not get a 10k pr today.  

I didn't PR and I have a completely different list of reasons why.

  • I got up this morning to a completely defunct Garmin. Like fried or something. RIP good buddy. (Totally a first world problem that it was so devastating to me.)
  • 10 yards into the race my shoe came untied, I stopped to tie my shoe and my phone with a crappy gps timer on it that I couldn't read while running anyway came flying out of my bra and the battery popped out.
  • I spent the next couple minutes getting my phone fired up and trying to get the gps system back up, but it was impossible while running, so I decided to just forget it and run naked.
  • This was all before the first mile, which was also the only mile marked.
  • Yup none of the other miles were marked I had no idea how far I was running to at least help gauge my pace.
  • No water along the course after the first mile. 
  • I forgot I meant to eat my GU 15 minutes before the race and instead ate it sometime after the first mile WITH NO WATER!  I always wash them down with water.

I finished in 35:50 which is fabulous but I KNEW it was not right. I am pretty fast but I did not run a 10k with 5:48 min/mile pace.

I discovered while talking to other disgruntled runners that I along with about half the 10k racers, missed a turn and only ran about 5 miles.   Other racers just got lost and ran a lot extra.  There was a key corner they should have had someone directing runners at apparently.

I went and disqualified myself, especially when I saw I was the first girl in and I knew there was a girl who had been ahead of me, but finished after me. She said the only reason she ran the right was was because she was in the lead and she was following the biker leading the race.  Apparently even he was confused about the route though.

It would have been close to a PR but that will have to be for another day!


Here is why I think I could have got a PR
  • I felt strong.
  • I averaged about a 7:10 pace which would barely have pulled a PR.
  • I ran with ZERO hip pain for the first time in ..  about a month I think. ZERO

Alright enough excuses already. But I am bummed about the race, I felt a little like a cheater. At least I wasn't the only one, I was just following the guy in front of me.

My incredible amazing parents went in halfsies with me on a new Garmin.  I could have ordered it off the internet but I wanted instant gratification after that race so I drove all over Billings trying to find a place that was open and sold them on a Sunday. 


Meet my new buddy, she is just getting charged up to take our first run together tomorrow.  I think I will name this one, I just haven't thought of the right name yet. 
 Kind of a fuzzy picture, but it is the Forerunner 210.  Anyone else have the 210?  Tell me you love it.

Also got my reward from GU for the Strava challenge I participated in.  An 8 pack of the peanut butter GU (my favorite) and a sampler pack.
 Here is what was in the sample pack.  I have tried (and like) everything but the GU brew tabs, so I am excited to try those out too.

Have you ever cut a course short?
I felt a little like a cheater, but at I wasn't alone.

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