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Are there any good stretches for the knees? Any thoughts on what contributes to post-run knee pain and how to deal with it?

Posted by NatalieFriton

I'm pretty cognizant of my form while running but I know that I'm not nearly as consistent as I'd like to be. I feel as though I have a pretty straight gait and that I'm not too wobbly while running so I believe my knees are not being asked to do much more than their normal functions. However, at the end of a long run, all I want to do is stretch my knees somehow. When I squat up and down that seems to help, but I don't know that it's actually stretching anything. Going up and down stairs after a long run is a true chore. I have to go slow and hold the handrails. The pain doesn't last long but it sure is uncomfortable. I'm working on a series of running Q&A answers for a blog, and would appreciate any information or insight you can provide.


Natalie Friton

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Hi Natalie!

 Sorry to hear you are having problems with your knees!  Have you been fitted for running shoes?  How old are your shoes?  They may be the problem.  A reputable running store will have qualified staff to analyze your gait and recommend the most appropriate shoe (neutral, support, guidance).  If your shoes are older (6 months +), the cushioning may have deterioted and not providing you with the support you need.  Unfortunately I don't know of any specific knee stretches.  Have you checked Runner's World online? They have a ton of exercises for every part of the body.  Good luck!

Deniz Carroll

beachgirlrunning (at) gmail (dot) com 

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