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April (or January) Goals

Posted Apr 02 2013 8:44am

March was the month of complaining and injury. I dealt with a hamstring injury, more cold weather, and knee deep in school clinicals and training for marathon #21. So what did I do this month:

  • Currently in Week 11 of marathon training, feeling good again after hamstring issue, focusing on speed and distance but very much done with this weather. In the midst of running frustration where things just aren’t as I want them, I feel less then great and hate it! I need to remember I want to peak in 5 weeks not now. Deep Breath, this is typical training thoughts, Is it just me or do other go through this too?
  •  2 days a week spin class (starting cutting one out for elliptical instead)
  •  Completed Half #1 of 13 for 2013 (No where near my goal time)
  •   Still no swimming (Time to remove this goal)
  •    253.7 running miles (Made my 250 goal!)

  •       Organize the house: next up the bedroom and office, Oops forgot about this!
  •       Attend review course for boards: Yes and started studying               

  •  Fell back in the diet soda trap at the review class (30 hours of sitting was too much!)
  •   Still a lot of mindless eating but better and picking healthier options (most of the time)
  • Added in a few new recipes: lentil loaf (for Easter)
  • Still working on workout fueling, but so far good luck with Hammer

  •   Volunteered at Pre-school Easter party
  •   Couple lunch dates with friends and a few morning workouts with friends
  • I am trying very hard to be better mom, spending time with O and trying new ways to stop the behavior (ok normal 3 year old frustrations) but still need work.
  •  Ran with the moms group and I was even interviewed for a TV news story!

Check out Moms Run This Town for a fun, free running group for moms (all over the US)

April means the start of Spring weather, I hope. Please bring warmer weather and melt the snow and ice, I need better running paths, No more treadmill running! This also means interviewing for jobs, yikes.
Fitness Goals ·                      255+ running miles ·                      2nd 10 Mile Race of 2013 (tough course but goal = 1:10)              Focus on speed work and more hill running ·                      Make rolling and icing part of daily workout routine·                      Cut back spin 2x week to add in another run workout, get bike outside
  • Organize the house: 20 Days of organizing
  •   Complete clinical hours & continue studying for boards, schedule exam.
  • Continue to grow coaching work: I have 2 runners doing their races this month and can't wait to see how it goes for them. This also means I have a few more openings for anyone needing a run coach for the upcoming Summer races.
  •  Update resume/CV- Any great resources for this?

  •     Started week of No sugar/dairy hoping it helps with my allergies and respiratory issues       
  •     Continue to add 1 new recipe per week, get back on track with meal planning
  •      Work on pre/post workout fueling Can I trade my gut for a tougher one?

  •    Survive dance pictures on Friday!
  •     Plan a fun anniversary dinner (11 years next week)
  •   Plan a weekend vacation with friends for May
  •      Continue to work on ways to help O listen and try not to get frustrated as quickly with “normal” kid behavior. Help her stay calm when she gets frustrated
How was your March? What are your April Goals?

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