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Appendicitis or Tummy Ache

Posted Jan 11 2013 3:47pm

photo 13

What Chris and I thought was just a tummy ache turned out to be an appendicitis!  Here is how it started…


We are at my brothers watching the BCS National Championship game.  About half way through the first quarter Chase starts complaining of a tummy ache.  He had just been running around playing so we tell him to lay down, he probably just ate to much.  We leave during half time and his tummy is still hurting.  He gets sick on the way home.  We have him lay on the sofa, I check his temperature (no fever).  I ask him to point to where it hurts.  He points to the right side of his tummy by his belly button.  My dad at 20 and my brother at 10, both had their appendix's removed and they have a scar where Chase was pointing.

I decided to take him to the 24 hour Urgent Care just for some peace of mind.  The doctor at the Urgent Care pressed on his belly in different places.  Chase consistently said it hurt on the lower right side.  The doctor suggested we take a trip to the ER.  He told me it might be gas or stomach bug, but he could not run the test to see if it was something more.

Off to the ER we went.  The doctor in the ER thought it was a Urinary Track Infection but decided to play it safe and do a blood test and CT Scan.

photo 1 photo 2

He had to drink two bottle of contrast

photo 3

and have an IV started for the CT Scan

photo 4 photo 5

Chase did awesome during the scan.  They let me stay in the room with him.

At this point Chase is starting to feel better.  I honestly thought when the doctor called me out of the room his diagnosis would be gas!  Instead the doctor told me Chase was going to have surgery this morning and would be admitted right now.

After a 2 am call to Chris, mom, and my brother; we headed up to the room.

photo 18

Hooked up and ready for some shut eye before surgery

photo 19

Chris got to the Hospital around 3:30 after dropping off Trey and Cole at my moms. He snapped this picture of me in bed with Chase.


The doctor came in at 8:00 to explain the surgery to us and at 9:00 we headed down for surgery.

photo 10

Chase headed for surgery

The surgery went well and only took around 30 minutes.

photo 11

photo 12

My little man after surgery.


photo 14

Ready to head home


We finally got to see the stiches!  The doctor told us not to take off the bandage until Thursday night.  I will admit I was curious how big the scar was going to be.

photo 8 photo 9



Chase did awesome through the whole ordeal. He is up and going and back to annoying his brothers!

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