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Any suggestions for dealing with Hamstring Origin Pain, AKA Pain in the Butt Syndrome?

Posted by hemeradroma

I can't afford diagnostics nor physical therapy, but through much research and bodily awareness, I have self-diagnosed that the tightness and discomfort I experience in the ischial tuberosity area could be sciatica (probably not; there is no hip nor lower back pain), piriformis syndrome (I believe I had a specific, acute case of that a year and a half ago when the pain was localized, but now it is more generalized and chronic), or that rather vague thing called Hamstring Origin Pain. I do all the smart things: flexibility and hamstring strengthening exercises, warming up and cooling down properly, icing, self-massage and the occasional pro massage, relaxation techniques, etc. But I just can't shake it. I know that it's going to set in around mile 7 and stay with me for the rest of the marathon. It has been a long time since I've experienced that exhilarating feeling of being one with the road and that I could just run forever. Any other ideas? Thank you.
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Thank you. I'll check it out. Do you suffer the same condition as I?

It's good that you're doing stretches. Are you doing buttock stretches? If not, google the two words "buttock" "stretch" and choose the ones you like. In doing my buttock stretch, I sit on a stair, put one leg on the other and then gently pull that knee diagonally across my body. Then I do the other leg. That stretch is illustrated in


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