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Anti-Monkey Butt Review!

Posted Oct 28 2010 2:48pm

I recently was contacted to review another anti-chafing product, Anti-Monkey Butt. First, when I heard about the product, I was a little shocked that there was a product out there even called Anti-Monkey Butt Powder but I was interested to learn more. It was kind of one of those hook things that got me right in wanting to know more! It’s basically like a silky baby powder that you can put on any part of your body that chafes that will help combat the chafing! Easy enough right? Well I have my one true love for chafing products also known as tri-slide , which I have been using pretty religiously and that mixed with K-Swiss shoes seems to keep the bloody feet at bay.

I am up to try anything though and gave this product a shot. I also used it on my inner thighs where I sometimes chafe and every now and then I kick a spot on my inner calf when running. So I put some there to make sure my klutzy self wouldn’t have self inflicted injuries.

For the feet area – Unfortunately, this guy didn’t work. I know I have extra sensitive toes though and if I do anything different I think they revolt against me with bleeding and hurting. I thought it was easier to use, mostly because of the less mess factor, but it didn’t keep my feet happy. They were upset at me by mile 8 on my 16 miler I did a few weeks back. Not a good sign. I did like how easy it was to use. You basically just sprinkle it on your feet and toes and then put on your socks. With tri-slide you have to spray it on and I always make sure to do it outside just because I don’t want anything to be extra slippery in my house.

For the thigh area – This actually worked really well! The problem here was that it was just messy. I didn’t really understand how to apply it besides just shaking it on the area from the container. Which worked, it was just messy and seemed to get everywhere.

For the calf area – I really think this is where it was the most helpful. I didn’t have any scrapes from kicking myself and it was the easiest to apply here because it wasn’t a hard to reach area.

Overall, I really liked the product but it just didn’t work the best for me. I still stick by my Tri-Slide hands down! It works perfectly for my feet and the bleeding problems have ceased since I started using it. Also, to take in account is that I don’t really chafe that bad in other areas, only my toes bleed. a lot. I think that this would work really well if you chafed in other part of your body.

The best part about the product though is that it smells SO good and does make your skin REALLY soft. I know this is weird but after an ice bath and shower one day I used it on my legs and they were so soft. I loved it! Random, but true. So another good aspect of the product!

Definitely one to check out. Everything works different for everyone and I cannot tell you how important that is, especially when checking out running products.

This week has been literally insane at work. I say that a lot recently don’t I? We’ve had a few small changes to an upcoming event so informing everyone of that change is happening and the Turkey Trot is quickly approaching! I got to the gym and had a great workout on Monday and ran 3 miles on Tuesday. That was about the first I’ve run since the Camarillo Marathon.

I realized I basically just took this month off running after the Marathon and I think it will be good for me. I’m going to reveal some race plans tomorrow and my new training goals. I’m ready to start running again and though I was ‘taking a break’ this month, it also goes along with my work schedule and how hectic everything is. I do think that if I needed a break, it was good to take on this month. Next month I am excited about the few races I’ll be participating in and also my new training plan!


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