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Another year of Wednesday night races in the bag

Posted May 11 2012 1:27am

Yesterday marked the final race of the Spring Frank Mcnamara Wednesday night race series. There are 5 races in the series; personally I think the spring series runs are supAr fun. This is my third year racing them and every year seems to get better. This year I beat all my times by a minimum of a minute I also came in 8th in my age category, usually out of 20 plus girls. I’m super pumped about all of that considering my goal was top 10 each race. How we say success. The only pit fall of the series was at the last race my stomach was acting up pretty bad and by pretty bad I mean I was constipated (gross I know). So I took an Aleve to subside the pain? It helped a bit…ish. Now to rectify this little hiccup I am drinking smooth exit tea – YEAH that’s the real name; what if the exit isn’t smooth hmm? It tastes like weird camomile tea. Awesome, we will see how that pans out; even the package it comes in looks all weird organic medicine-y.

Training has been going really well; last week I was in Jasper with work and I got in some great training (in my favorite place super shocker I know). I didn’t take any photos which, was totally my fault but I did hill intervals at Old Fort Point with the sheeps and ran with the elks almost everyday. It’s May so they are out in full force. My interval day I did up Pyramid lake road they were 9 – 3 minute intervals w/ 1 min walk 1min jog. This is my little fancy chart thing from the run to spice this post up.

Interval training day. Woot.

I did a few two-a-days; they are hard but I noticed a difference in my performance when I did an am run before a Wednesday night race. I felt really strong and ready to go. Now that we are in May I have started back training in the pool and on my awesome possum bike because Tri season will start for me in August. I sport my swim cap and one piece bathing suit – I am sexy and I know it. Then I go back to work looking like a drowned rat because I swim on my lunch break once per week. Sew tutes. Back to running training; I have started running more in my 5 fingers so like once a week instead of once every 2 or 3 or 5 weeks. I truly love them but usually just wear them on hiking, adventures, and in the gym. It has been a nice change they are so comfs. (comfy if you didn’t catch my personal abbreviation).

This Saturday will be the first 5 Peaks race of the year! Party on! Can’t wait hopefully I race it much better than last year because I got the shit kicked out of me. No lie but I still had fun because they are that awesome. Then I am gone to Ontario for work for Cystic Fibrosis Canada Shinerama! My people! Then the weekend after that is the Blackfoot Ultra, I will be doing the 25km baby ultra. See there is my training schedule and motivation notes. Nerd nerd nerd nerd. Also the  picture will not rotate you can do some neck stretches to look at it if you wish.


The picture will not rotate I do not know why.

That is all.


For now.


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