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annnd about the makeup

Posted Jan 06 2010 6:45am

Some people have asked me what kind of makeup I wear, and everyone comments on how tan I am all the time. I do not fake tan and haven’t been laying out in the sun in quite some time (darn you full time job) so I thought I would let you know, if you were interested. I really don’t like doing these posts because I feel super narcissistic, but hey, whatever, hopefully it will be helpful to those who asked. Anyways! I start out with Neutrogena lotion that has an SPF 15 in it.


I usually wear only bare minerals for foundation and to cover everything, and yes, I do wear it when I race, but not when I go on a morning run, that would be taking it way too far. I was pretty skeptical that this stuff would work for me, but I actually really like it and it’s quick and easy to apply and wear all the time. The color I wear is either medium (winter/spring) and medium tan (fall/summer). For bronzer and blush, I use Benefits Hoola, Dallas (on occasion) and Coralista. I brush Hoola all over my face quickly with the large brush (like this one, and this one) and then use Coralista on my cheeks. Hoola is AMAZING and works on anyone. It’s light enough but if you keep applying it makes you have a nice glow. I swear by it. I love both of those benefit products so much.


If I wear eyeshadow I either use the Clinique pallet on the left or the Chanel pallet on the right.  I have the Bobby Brown Eye Smudge brush and usually only put a dark color on my crease and use a lighter color on the actual eye lid. I usually only wear eyeshadow if we are going out somewhere, i,e. a bar of some kind or an event of some kind. I usually also only do the brown color on the crease. Boring, I know. I go through phases when I wear eyeliner as well. I LOVE the wet and wild eyeliner in black, it’s 99 cents. I have never found and eyeliner that works as good as that one. I also like the Mac ones, in Teddy and in Dig it.


Now, I could be a little mascara obsessed. I think the key to getting my lashes looking the way they do is just keep piling it on. I usually start off curling them, twice on each eye, and then either start with lashblast (orange tube) or the Colossal Volum (yellow tube). I really like the yellow one the best. After about two coats on each eye, then I top it off and do the bottom lashes with the Extra Super Lash (black tube) from Rimmel. That is the best mascara, I LOVE it and it’s super affordable. I put on a lot of mascara, not going to lie.


As for face wash, I’m kind of an exfoliate freak. I usually wash my face with St. Ives in the shower and use the Ambi one daily. I LOVE and swear by that Clean and Clear moisturizer though. I use that one at night and it never makes me oily or break out and I really think it has helped a lot with my acne from my younger years. Then we have the hairspray of all hairsprays. That is my hands down favorite spray, especially when I do my hair curly with the straightener. It’s The Aussie Mega spray but it’s SUPER flexible, which is good and really holds the curl without making it crunchy. It smells alright and doesn’t break the bank, so bonus there.

Tomorrow is a post about what I’ve been doing workout wise, because I’ve been a little busy bee. Thankfully today is a rest day and I’m tutoring again tonight!


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