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anniversaries, 5k prep, and a few little worries...

Posted Mar 12 2011 12:00am
For those of you who asked, we both loved The Town and highly recommend it!  It wasn't as violent as I thought and it was really well done.  Rent it, asap!

Today is a special day...Ryan and I have been dating for 5 years!  Lord only knows how he's put up with me for this long, but I'm mighty glad he has :)  We didn't have any huge plans today, which is okay by me. We've been so busy recently, that it was nice to just hang out and relax together.  Though, we've done some fun (to us) stuff thus far.  I thought I'd take you down memory lane and share one of our first pictures together
Haha, we look sooo young.  I'd like to think we've improved with age ;)

We started off the day meeting some friends for breakfast.  Ryan's best friend and his wife live in Chicago and were in town for a wedding shower.  They asked to meet for breakfast and we readily agreed.  We met at a restaurant called The Breakfast Club (in Novi, for you metro detroiters).  We went here on my birthday and their food is fabulous.  It's small and you usually have to wait for a table, but I promise it's worth it.
the anniversary couple
Abby and Mark
I wanted one of everything on the menu, but finally made a tough decision.  Though, I forced Ryan to share these cinnasticks with me.  (It also convinced Mark and Abby to try them too).   Icing filling on the inside...yum!
My meal: spinach, cheese, bacon omelet, fruit, hash browns!  So big, I only ate half
They always bring each person a choc-covered strawberry when they bring the check.  Score!
Luckily, Mark and Abby have read the blog and were well aware of my photo-taking shenanigans.  They even gave Ryan a hard time asking if he was going to let me take pics.  For whatever reason, he allowed it today.  Happy anniversary to me :)  We spent a good portion of the time laughing and joking around.  It was a great time with one of our favorite couples.  

After eating wayyy too much, we ventured to the mall since it was nearby.  We went past the apple store and there was 30-person line waiting for the ipad 2.  Sorry Ry, today wasn't your day either.  We window-shopped (more like I begged for things and Ryan said I needed to be financially responsible today.  Story of my life).  We went into the pet store and I 'oohed' and "ahhed' over all the adorable pups.  I picked out approximately 5 new dogs I was ready to take home with me.  Ryan declined.  Party pooper.  

My parents were babysitting my nieces and nephew and told us we should stop by to say 'hi' after breakfast.  We stopped for a bit and got the kids nice and crazy, sorry m&d :)  Ryan also got my nephew to become addicted to the game 'angry birds'.  (He also tried his hand at bejeweled).  When my bro and sis in law got there, I jokingly told him he needed a droid phone to play all his new fav games.  They weren't too thrilled at that prospect.  
Cheese :) blurry, but cute baby!
Wild man trying to attack me!
Race packet pickup was between 2-5pm today and it was 3 by the time we left, so we headed straight to the running store to pick up our stuff.  The place was a madhouse!  There were people even directing traffic.  The race is sold out, though I don't know the total number, I know it's not huge either.  Either way, I'm sure it'll be crazy tomorrow too.  I had showed the course to my dad and he said it was going to be hilly.  I said, "yes, I know, don't remind me."  I'm a little scared of it to be honest.
We also ventured to Trader Joe's and that was EVEN MORE of a madhouse, if possible.  We stocked up on lots of goodies since we are really TJ newbies (I've only been one other time).  Our lot even included some lobster ravioli, yum!  Ryan's never had lobster, so we'll see how he likes it.  
We had plans to go out to dinner tonight, but Ryan's tummy has been a little off, so we'll see if we go or not.  My nephew let us borrow the movie Megamind, so we may revert to 5 year olds and enjoy that tonight.
Alright, now for some running talk/worries.  I know, sorry to bore you with all the other details of my life...

1. I can't find my running tights and it's making me very anxious.  I know they're here, they didn't get up and walk out, but I like to have everything laid out and I'm freaking out
2. The race doesn't start until 11:30 am and that makes me worried too.  What if I eat too early?  Too late?  Not enough?  Ahh...I like the normal earlier start times, this throws me off completely.
3. The hills, ahhhhh, the hills.  Dear God, I'm scared of those hills!  They aren't even monstrous, (especially not compared to the ones I'll tackle in san fran) but I'm still afraid of them.
4. I'm deathly afraid of time.  I know a 5k ain't no thang, but I did so awesome (for me) last time that I don't want to do poorly this time.  I keep telling myself, "not every race can be a PR" but I haven't convinced myself of it yet.  I know I just gotta go out there, do my best, and have fun but...there's still a big part of me screaming, "You BETTER stinkin PR, lady!"
Ryan's worries:
1. His knees have hurt while running recently2.  He's been having tummy issues.3. He hasn't ran recently due to the knee issue.4. He knows I'm gonna beat his booty ;)
The main thing is to have fun doing our first 5k together (and with my bro and sis in law).  So I'll concentrate on that and hope I get over all the silly little anxieties in my head. 
Don't forget tonight is the LAST night to enter the giveaway.  Check yesterday's post for the link if you need it.  Tomorrow I'll have a full race recap and the winner!!
Here are a few qs:
-What things stress you out before a race?  How do you get over these anxieties?
-What did you do with your Saturday?
-Who ran or is running a race this weekend?  Good luck to all of you who are!
-If you could do anything with your significant other (hypothetical one or real one) on our anniversary, what would it be?  I've gotta say, doing our first 5k together the day after is pretty high on my list!
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