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Anatomy of a great trail run

Posted Jun 30 2014 4:57am

IMG 3144 225x300 Anatomy of a great trail run Ah, friends: I am in my happy zone right now. Not only is it summer, but I’m running and I’m running pain free. Yesterday I headed out to a local trail for five miles with Tori. I have run or hiked these trails many times over, but I’m not super clear on all the different twists and turns, so I decided on an out and back and did my best to pay attention to the colored flags for the return. It was such an enjoyable run. It went down a little something like this:

About a mile in: I’m loving this. Here’s the turn off–should I take it or go straight and hit the paved portion of the path I know? Turn and figure it out! 

This is so pretty. I’m really lucky to have it here. Ick–spiderweb, right across the face! 

Approaching three elderly women with walking poles. Tori is going to get to them first. Hope they are comfortable with that. Turns out they are more than comfortable with it and yell out “Hello sexy!” to her. I laugh out loud.

Hmmm…more turn choices. Let’s stick with the orange flags. Or am I on yellow and am now making a turn off it? Just go with it.

Ok, turn around time. I’m pretty sure if I were to keep going straight I’d be on the 7-mile loop here, but let’s be safe and stick with the plan.

Heading back–yellow or orange? Let’s try orange. Wait, I’m definitely doing some retracing here. Let’s turn it around and hope for the best.

Boy, that’s a big drop off to my right. How did I not notice this on the way out? No wonder it’s called Ridge Trail here. Just don’t look right.

Wow, Tori is really getting good about not wandering off too far these days. Spoke too soon–there she goes down the wrong path after a squirrel. She’ll come back.

Finally! Intersecting back up with the familiar blue trail and headed in. See the elderly ladies again who this time tell me, “she’s so beautiful–she looks just like you!” Um, thanks, I think? 

I can hear the road up ahead–time to get Tori back on leash. We finish up around 5. 3 miles, happy, hot and sweaty.

Running is a gift and I’m so thankful I have it back in my life. Not much else could happen the rest of the day that would have knocked me off center after that.

Anyone else play in the dirt this weekend? Ever been compared to your dog physically? 


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