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An interesting article about an interesting girl!

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:48pm
A great friend of mine had a nice article in the Monday Tulsa World sports section this past week.

The amazing thing about Kathy running the back to back marathons last year is that the week before, she ran the Tulsa Run, running back and forth chatting with all her friends along the way and probably ran more like 20K instead of 15. Then she travelled to Stroud and ran 28 miles pacing me in a race. This coupled with all the miles put in with her running group, she surely had 4 marathon distances in a matter of NINE days. She has done a seamless job of taking over RunnersWorld, and plans to broaden the shoe offerings to include more trail running shoes and gear. Talk about "one-stop-shopping!" :-) Kathy is 2 for 2 in 100 milers, running just over 24 hours in her first at Rocky Raccoon, and then battling extreme warmth and high humidity at the Traveller this year to finish in 28:10. Over 60% of the entrants dropped out of the race, most due to heat and fatigue. I was one of those who did not finish although I felt ok, my pace was cautiously slow and I was pulled due to not making a time cut-off.

Kathy was going to pace me at Western States this past June, and had I made it to the point where I could pick up a pacer, we would have flown from there. (It was 16 miles of downhill.)

This weekend, the crazy girl is travelling south to Texas to run another ultra in 86 degree heat and 95 degree heat index. Meanwhile, Brian and I will get our little hill run out of the way an an hour and change, hopefully before it gets to hot for us wimpy guys!
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