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Amazing Creme Brulee

Posted Nov 19 2012 3:39pm

This weekend I had some extra time and figured I better do a test run of my creme brulee (I’m making it for Thanksgiving). On Friday I went to this amazing kitchen store, Sur La Table , and got my creme brulee ramekins. Wow!! That store is so completely dangerous for me to go into. There is every single kitchen gadget, pot, pan and accessory you would ever want. The girl that helped me was super nice and we were laughing about how we could spend a whole paycheck in the store (probably a lot more likely for her considering she works there).

The 5oz creme brulee dish I got

I searched online and found a recipe from Alton Brown, which I knew had to be good plus it had awesome reviews! It was actually really simple. I started by making my egg mixture and of course used my trusty KitchenAid so I wouldn’t have to whisk it by hand (yes I was being lazy ;) ) I had to let it mix for about 2 minutes until it became a lighter color and all the sugar dissolved.

Egg mixture

Then I let the egg mixture sit while I got the heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla bean going on the stove. It was my first time using vanilla bean and it was so beyond awesome!! Ok so when you cut one in half it is almost like cutting into a fig. It has a tougher skin but once you cut a nice slit in it they open right up. And don’t expect seeds like you would in a veggie. It actually looks more like coffee grounds (hence the little black specks in the creme brulee or vanilla bean icecream). I used a small spoon to scrape it all out and then put the seeds and the pod into the pot to boil.

Cream mixture while steeping

While the cream mixture was steeping I washed out my ramekins and got out a brownie pan to place the ramekins in for their water bath. I then put a pot on the stove with some water to boil for the water bath. I then added my cream mixture to the egg mixture a little at a time until it was all mixed in one bowl. Make sure that you don’t fill your ramekins to high. I made that mistake and it was very difficult walking them over and making sure they didn’t spill when pushing the oven rack in. I added my water to the pan and the most difficult part was getting the rack to slide back in without sloshing into the ramekins. A little water got into a couple but it didn’t seem to have any negative effect :) Also one really important thing!! Make sure you put enough water in to go half way up the dishes. This makes the cooking a lot more efficient.

Mine ended up only cooking for about 30 minutes even though the recipe stated 40 – 45. I think it really depends on your oven and for whatever reason mine always cooks super fast. After they are done you have to let them cool for 20 minutes and then 2 hours in the fridge. I know its a long wait but believe me it is totally worth it!! Here is what our final products looked like!

You can check out the recipe HERE! I used regular sugar in mine and not the vanilla sugar that the recipe calls for. I think next time I might cut down the sugar a little because it is super sweet. Happy baking!! :)

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