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Almost got hit with a golf ball during my run

Posted Jun 03 2009 10:20am
Some of my 1.5 mile course borders a golf course, although the course is across the Jordan River and is in the city of Sandy. While I was running, I heard a noise that sounded like a fire cracker, and I saw a white object bounce from the asphalt path into some grass and weeds. The ball landed about 10 feet (3 meters) in front of me. The river at that point is quite wide, probably 200 feet. The ball cleared the river and the Russian Olive trees that bordered the Parkway path and hit right in the middle of the path. Because of the trees I didn't see the ball coming. It just fell out of the sky and with a loud crack bounced off the path. I don't play golf, but I'm keeping the ball in my car, and later this fall when I've mastered the 1.5 mile course and am heading south, I'll throw the ball onto a golf course that is near 106th South and borders the path. This is the 3rd ball I've recovered while I was running. The other two balls were from the course near 106th.
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