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All the Singles Ladies, All the Single Ladies

Posted May 02 2011 6:15am
After having a long stretch of time off, the Mr. finally went back to work last week. He usually chooses trips that span over the weekend so Emily spends less time in daycare. I’m not a fan of being home alone on the weekends, but it’s the best we can do for now.

I do enjoy when he's gone on weeknights though. You won’t hear this pilot wife complaining about being a single mom during the week. Quite honestly, I was relieved to have him start back.

During the week, I'm able to have some down time between getting home from work and picking Emily up from daycare. It's just enough time to squeeze in a decent workout.

This was an easy week, but at least I’m getting back on track. I only wore a basic watch so I wouldn’t be overly focused on pace, but I ran familiar routes so I know the rough distance.

Monday: 60 min run outside (~7 miles)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 35 min run outside (~4.5 miles), 25 min treadmill run (@6.8, 1% incline)
Thursday: 40 min treadmill run (@6.8, 1% incline), 20m min elliptical
Friday: 30 min run outside (~3.5 miles)
Saturday: 35 min treadmill run (@6.8, 1% incline), 35 min elliptical
Sunday: 45 min stroller run (~5.5 miles)

My breakfast, lunch, and snacks were pretty much the same everyday this week.


Mid-morning snack

(mixed greens, diced Boar’s Head turkey, pinch of mozzarella, Ken’s FF Raspberry Pecan dressing)

The best part about being single during the week, there's no rush to get dinner on the table.

I usually have a salad and/or leftovers when it's just me and Emily. One night it was curried chicken with brown rice and chickpeas that I had stashed in the freezer. I served it over some additional fresh spinach, and added a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese on top.

Another night it was a salad and a  Flat-Out artisan bread topped with reduced-fat cream cheese, smoked wild salmon, and capers.

I made Emily a greek yogurt bowl with sliced strawberries and Kashi cereal. Wouldn’t you know both times she dominated my food instead?

What 2 year-old likes things like curry and smoked salmon with capers? She never ceases to surprise me. Everything does taste better when it comes off mommy’s plate though. That’s a known fact.

What are your favorite go-to dishes when you're eating solo?
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