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All that race garb

Posted Sep 17 2012 11:46am
Over the past 16+ years that I've been running, I've managed to collect a wide array of random race crap. From medals, to bibs, to plaques, to trophies, to other strange items that just seem to collect dust. I'm not a saver of trinkets, so I've pitched quite a bit of it over the years but still seem to be holding on to quite a few items.

Now that my husband and I have relocated outside of the Chicago city limits and no longer live in a 600 sq. ft. 1 bedroom apartment, I've been thinking of doing something with some of this stuff in our office. It's all been held it all in a pink photo box that has been stuffed to maximum capacity for over a year now where I'm just really not sure where to start.

Just a small taste of the collection
I don't want to hang up every medal I've ever received because I feel like it would become an awkward shrine to running days past that would just be weird.
Plus, this kind of crap seems to collect a lot of dust when displayed...and dust gives me the heeby-jeebies.
Looking for ideas on what to do with all this "stuff". Not opposed to anything involving scissors, glue, or any other type of crafty re purposing methods.
What do you do with all your race SWAG and awards? Keep? Toss? Display?
Looking for any and all ideas.

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