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Adventures in The Big Apple

Posted Oct 02 2013 9:10pm
I haven't written much lately--but my life has been even more hectic than usual!

I just got back from a warm, humid, hilly run, which wasn't much to write about----HOWEVER, I had an awesome weekend in NYC with my girl Alex, and THAT is worth talking about!!

First of all, since before we moved back to Atlanta, I had been hoping to be able to meet up with Alex in NYC for her 19th Birthday (Sunday the 29th) and to attend The Bandits in Big Apple Gala in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp at Lincoln Center on Monday night, but as it got closer to the end of September, I started thinking that there was no WAY I would be able to make the trip. Since Ray is still job hunting and I am also out of work--I just didn't see anyway that I could afford to fly up for the weekend---and I was soooo sad! 

Okay--REALLY weird (and yet WONDERFUL) thing happened--on the VERY DAY that I received my tickets in the mail for the Gala! Maybe an hour after I had decided that either the tickets were going to go to waste or I had to hustle to find someone in CT who wanted to travel into NYC to attend the event--I received a phone call from my wonderful friend Lyniece Glover saying that her son Josh had a voucher for a free round trip ticket to anyplace in the country that Air Tran flies. She said that he wasn't going to be able to use it before the fly by date of October 31st, and she was thinking that MAYBE I would be able to use it? She said that she knew that we had just moved South and had to leave Alex in school outside of Boston, and she thought....MAYBE one of us could use the ticket?  OMG----YES!!!! The OTHER part of the story......just that morning I was laying in bed and saying, "God---I KNOW that this isn't a huge priority, but it would be great if I could just figure out a way to go up to NYC---Okay, I know that's not going to happen.....BUT, it WOULD be nice!!!" Okay, so sometimes maybe God DOES answer prayers that we think are probably just silly little unimportant things (at least to HIM).....? Well, it certainly looks that way to me!!!

So, where do I begin on the weekend? First of all, just getting all of the little things worked out was CRAZY!! Getting Alex from Gordon College required her going from Beverly, MA into Boston via train, and then on a bus for 4 and a half hours! While she was doing her traveling, I was flying into La Guardia Airport and checking into a hotel in Queens, then finding my way into Manhattan via bus and then subway to meet her at the Port Authority bus station. I have never flown into NYC before, since we always took the train in from CT. I also had never taken public transportation from Queens before!! I figured it out though and on Saturday afternoon, I got to the bus station about 2 minutes before Alex came walking through the gate!!

The rest of Saturday afternoon and into the evening, we pretty much just walked around, talked a LOT, ate a little (yes, we DID split a piece of Lindy's Cheesecake) and then headed over to Queens for the night! It took us about an hour to get from the Times Square area to our hotel via the subway and then a bus.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed out for a bit of breakfast at a local diner a few blocks from our hotel and I guess you can say that I didn't get the HEALTHIEST of meals?!! It sure was good though!! I promise....I didn't eat ALL of it!!

Now for our weird day in NYC......

Actually, I think I will save the rest of the weekend's events for tomorrow's blog post! I'm getting really tired right now and I don't want to forget any of the fun, silly, exciting, or WEIRD things that happened!! So....Goodnight for now!!!
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