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Active in Fort Worth Series: Fun on the Trinity River

Posted Jul 28 2013 2:15pm

A staff member helped us get into the boat, showed us some quick techniques and we were off!

I had to turn around really slowly to snap this picture of Cathy and Hallie, as to not rock the boat.

New friends on the river in a two person kayak. "Smile, you are going to be on my blog!"

They also had paddle boats and I think next time I want to try to peddle my way down the Trinity river, because after an hour my arms and shoulders were getting tired from all the rowing. Let's give my legs a chance to get tired next time.

We past a couple of people in the single person kayaks.

Hallie turned us around at the thirty minute mark. I have almost zero navigation skills. She kept us on point the whole trip making sure we didn't hit any other boats or paddle boarders.

Here we are at the turn around. I surely would have ran into the rocks had I been in charge of steering. I can barely steer my car.

I think the stand up paddle boards looked fun too (although I have a fear of falling in the Trinity river and growing an extra eye). This guy was out there on the stand up paddle board with his young daughter! How sweet.

We turned around and pointed back towards downtown Fort Worth.

Back to shore, posing for the picture.

I think that for $20 for three people, this was a  fun, inexpensive, active excursion. I thought one hour was the perfect amount of time, but of course, you could always pay more if you want to be out on the river for a longer period of time. The staff was fun, helpful, and knowledgeable, and we had a great experience.

I can't wait to get back out there! Did you do anything active this weekend? Stay tuned for more Fort Worth adventures, and who knows, I might even venture off to that far away land they call Dallas.

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