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Acai Fruit: A Miracle Fruit?

Posted Sep 22 2012 2:08am

Does This Miracle Fruit Do What Many Claim it Does?


If you been to your local health store, you probably have seen some health and diet supplements with acai berry in it. Acai berries are small, berry-like fruits from South Africa and it’s been subjugated to a lot of  “weight Loss Miracle” claims. Does this little fruit actually have the potential health and weight loss benefits that many claim? The answer is both yes and no.  There have been a TON of claims for the benefits of acai berry, including but not limited to improving digestion and immunity, improves cardiovascular health, and enhancement of mental clarity and vision. These claims are what make the acai berry sound like a super fruit, however most of these claims are pure speculation. The main “plus” to the acai berry is its weight loss capabilities. This is true to a certain extent and unfortunately acai promoters tend to overinflate this property. In reality, acai does indeed help the body with its high antioxidant content. This actually helps reduce diseases that increase in likelihood through aging such as hear disease and cancer. Also, the antioxidant helps with athletes and fitness enthusiasts as it helps you rid your body of free radicals. Free radicals in your system are bad because it can contribute to the health diseases that occur with aging and with prolonged sun exposure. Free radicals affect live cells in the body, which has many potentially harmful affects to anyone, which is how these debilitating effects occur. In regards to dieting, there have been many who have reported a reduced appetite, but these are not fully supported with much research. For all we know, this can just be a placebo effect that people go through thinking they will lose weight. In the end, it does seem that the acai berry has potential benefits for those who need dieting or are in training, but there are many alternatives that yield the same effect. When it comes to the weight loss, acai has been shown to assist this, but it is best to stick to a strict diet and regular exercise. This makes it more cost efficient, as you don’t need to throw money away on potential fraud distributors.

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