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A Whiny Runner and a Cute Kitten

Posted Aug 11 2012 12:20pm
I feel  a little frustrated right now.  My runs feel sucky.  The longest run I have done since July 8th is 10 miles and that was once.  No speed work.  No races.  Just a lot of elliptical and biking and sub par running.

Maybe I am expecting too much.  Having never run a marathon before I figured it would take a week or two and then I would be back to my happy running self.  Not so,  I have been dealing with foot pain although that is finally getting better and lateral hip pain that once I get warmed up I don't even notice while running.  I do notice when getting out of bed and out of chairs.

I am planning to see a physical therapist after my son starts school to see if I can get rid of the lateral hip pain, which I have been dealing with since March or April.  First it was the left side and now it is in the right also.  The left is feeling a lot better though and I can actually sleep on that side again.

I feel frustrated.  I am supposed to be doing a half marathon at the end of September and it seems so out of reach right now.  I could push my workouts harder, but I just don't think my body is ready.

Sure I have been doing a lot of cross training and HIIT workouts, and they feel good, but they aren't running.   Running is not being my friend right now, or maybe it is but not the way I want it to.  To top it off, it is nasty hot out there with no relief in sight.  I hate being hot.

Are you tired of my whining yet?  I am just frustrated.  I want running to feel easy and amazing the way it did the first 20 miles of my marathon.  I want to feel in love with running again.  Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to go and run Hood to Coast, but I just don't feel in top running shape.  Especially compared to where I was 1 month ago.

I did get up and run 6 miles this morning and the last mile was in the rain!  Yay for rain. 
and the cute kitten part..

Rocky is doing good.  The oil I put in his bottle has seemed to help, and the tummy rubs to help simulate peristalsis.  He is growing and any day now his eyes should open.  He still sleeps a lot which is good, although I am getting up once a night still to feed him.  and burp him, and help him try to poo and pee.

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