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A Weekend of Green Envy + Boston Thoughts

Posted Mar 18 2013 6:30am
Ok, so perhaps envy isn't the right word, I was just trying to come up with a fun play-on-words title that incorporates1) my love of green from this weekend
2) my feelings of being inspired by all my running friends :)
recovering from my 20 miler on Saturday with a
stroll with Tappan on Libby Hill, armed with a Starbucks
coffee and my neon green nalgene bottle :)

Inspirational Buddy Runners
First let me tell you how proud I am of so many of my running friends from this weekend.  PRs were shattered left and right.  And even if PRs weren't shattered, amazing races were run all over the country.

Special shout-outs to Meggie with her half PR of 1:42;  Gia with her full PR of 3:32;  Susan with her half PR of 1:31; Kristin with her full PR of 3:20;  Michele with her half PR of 1:32;  Ruthie --one of my summer running coaches--with a successful completion of her first half post injury;  Morgan --one of my summer running buddies--with her debut marathon of 2:58;  Ashley with her half PR of 1:43; Charlyn with her triple 7K, Kathryn with her half PR of 1:51, Fiona with her half PR of 1:50, Theodora with her half PR of 1:50, and many more...
PR city for my speedy buddies  Gia , Meggie , Michele , and Kristin !!!

A Few Boston Thoughts
I absolutely love to run, but I'm not the world's most avid racer-- I definitely do not run in order to race.  I am extremely excited about the Boston Marathon, because it's...well, it's the Boston Marathon.  But I haven't been feeling terribly excited about racing Boston.

The combination of getting my bib last week, the 30 day count-down, and reading about all my friends' runs is starting to turn my heart in a racing direction.  Hopefully my heart will be there by April 17th :)

I had a fantastic 20 miler on Saturday, which made me feel a little more confident as well.  I held a faster race-ish pace for the last few miles of the run (we were supposed to do race-pace for the last 10 miles, but I didn't want to push it since I'd had an upper respiratory infection last week) and it seriously felt way more comfortable than I had expected.  I've got to accept the fact that I'm getting over my injury and I just may be capable of being faster than I am giving myself credit for.

I have some more Boston thoughts, but I'll save that for another post.

Green Weekend Summary
I spent a lot of time catching up on sleep and relaxation because I had my highest mileage week of my life, which I suppose isn't that difficult to do since I am NOT a high-mileage runner (I averaged 32 miles per week leading up to my 3:26 marathon in May 2012.)

Here are some green highlightsI started my long weekend off right with a 6 miler
in various shades of green

Saturday's long run with my dearest
in-real-life + running-life friend Brittany

Muddy battle wounds from an overly excited puppy
on the trail during my 10 mile recovery run w/ some of my running
girlfriends on St. Patty's Day :)  The puppy was with a group of happy,
bounding dogs, totally made my day.

Please post your race-report below if you also had a race this weekend, I love reading about other people's races!

What was the highlight of YOUR weekend?
The highlight of my weekend was going for a long walk and leisure drive with Tappan on Saturday after my run-- not much beats the feeling of the warm complacency and happiness after a fantastic run, especially when paired with doing stuff that you ordinarily enjoy on its own.
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