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A Weekend in the Life of The Sole Daddy (Special Child Birthday Edition)

Posted Nov 16 2011 9:26pm
I wanted to share the past weekend with you. I want to as an example of the chaos that takes place or did in regards to my family and our schedule. This blog is not about running but what impacts my ability to find the time to have the quality time to do my runs or workouts. I know I am not unique in this sense but at least wanted to show you one extreme weekend when we all were dealing with a full plate of activates. I’m sure many of you can relate.
So for weeks now the family has been crazy busy with getting back into the swing of school and all of the activities we deal with. I’m sure we are pretty typical for most families but it seems to be hitting me harder this year than in the past. I began to really feel it a few weeks. It began when we attended the Cub Scout camp and slept over there I don’t think my son and I have ever quite recovered yet. So I have been very tired and unable to sleep for weeks. Then add on the whole numb arm thing and well I am really exhausted. So this past week was as usual where with church that evening was a late night. Then on Thursday I had a physical done and that took a lot out of me. So much so that I was not up to participating in the No Boundaries program that evening. Thurs began the long birthday weekend to celebrate my son’s birthday. And the true story begins.
Last Friday rolled around and it was my son’s 8th birthday. He was excited for the day to begin and he got up around 5:30am. I’m up at that time but he typically has another 30 minutes or so to sleep as I get ready for the day. But he was up and dressed and starting playing before school. We watched as his name was read and his picture was shown on the local TV station. That was fun to see him on TV. Then a few gifts to open from the family during breakfast. After school a handful of boys were dropped off for the birthday party. They were playing Army, Wii and various other things around the house until dinner. Some quick pizza and we were off to the roller skating rink. Now I just to be pretty good at roller skating many moons ago. I actually took lessons for 2 years as a kid. I remember going to the Blue Ridge Roller Rink that was owned by a classmate of mine, Tina Rogers. I bet I spent thousands of hours up there as a kid. But that was then and skating seems a lot harder now. The boys all are learning in a sense and it took them an hour or so to get comfortable on the skates. I skated for about half of the 2 ½ hours during open skate. The boys enjoyed themselves but we had to leave and get back home for cake, presents and a movie.
It was kind of funny that everyone rushed home for cake but once the cake was cut no one wanted it. I guess they were too excited to just open presents and play. The kids ran around some more and finally I think they started to get tired around 10pm. So we popped in a movie and …. it wouldn’t work. We tried over and over again and finally gave up. We found something on HBO but they were not into it. At midnight they tried to go to bed and after about an hour and a half they finally fell asleep. At 6am they were up playing again. I don’t think I slept too well worrying about the boys who for some it was their first sleep over. I was just listening to hear something off or to hear someone home sick. Neither came but that kept me from sleeping most of the night. Around 7am we made breakfast for the boys and then they played until 11am. My daughter had her first basketball practice around 9am for the year at the YMCA. At noon Lucas had his first practice as well. I tried to winterize the year but pulling in all of the yard furniture and stuff during the afternoon. I got some done but spent hours putting together Lego toys my son had gotten as presents. I don’t know about you but I get a lot of eye strain from all of the concentration that it takes to build all of these things. I wish I had invented Legos. More valuable than gold and every kid want them. We then had a visit to grandma’s house where the kids played (and Lucas fell asleep) while my wife and I went to a progressive dinner that evening. It was another late night as I don’t think the kids got into bed much before 10:30pm. Sunday rolled round and it was kids showers, church, Sunday school, a marriage class we are taking, more yard work and then off to Grandma’s again for the big birthday party for Lucas. We had a great visit and party there along with dinner. Then my wife and I ran off to a two hour financial class we are taking. Again a mildly late night for the kids. With that he formal weekend ended. But I have to say that when Monday morning came around no one wanted to get out of bed. We all struggled to get up and ready for the new week, especially Lucas who asked if school really was needed and why couldn’t he simply stay home.So all of us the weekend provided some great times and memories of the birthday events and activities. I was very proud of both kids for their behavior. But one bad thing is that somehow skating I twisted my right knee and it was swollen for a couple of days. It still hurts days later and it is stiff. So I guess I over did it skating. I am also more tired and hurt more from this weekend that I was after the marathon believe it or not. I know I’m getting old but who would have ever thought an 8 year olds birthday party would be more exhausting than a marathon. Crazy but it is true.This is given as an example of the busy schedule we deal with. Granted the sleep over part is not typical but we do have an average of three birthday parties a month to deal with. Then there is scouting events, swimming lessons, various other church, work and other organizational meetings for us and the time we have is limited. So this is a good reason for the lack of personal time to work out. My wife is now going during the day when the kids are in school. But for me it is very hard for me to find the time now beyond the very early mornings I have done in the past and are struggling with currently. I know that he holidays will only add to the chaos. Our calendars are full of club, school, church and work related events to attend. We have even gotten information for next spring’s soccer league for the kids already. They are adding more weeks to it so that will fill in more of the spring and summer schedule along with the skills camp next year. So that is a quick example of the life that our family leads. I’m sure you can relate. Let me know when you all find the time to run and workout. I would love to know at this point. Also the whole weight thing is starting to head the wrong direction. I feel I have lived off of pizza and cake for the last week and I am burned out on both. I need to find a happy balance soon for both eating and working out. Need I saw one last time that I am exhausted as well still. I need to sleep for about a week at this point to catch up on my rest.

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