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A weekend in Eureka Springs

Posted Nov 21 2011 1:48am
We love Eureka Springs. This is where Dana and I went on our honeymoon 13 years ago, and although we were 3 weeks late celebrating due to running and planning races and such, we blocked off 2 1/2 days for some R&R. Eureka is an amazing town, a slice out of the 19th century. For me, the older the buildings, the better. Provided they are not falling down. You know, an Oklahoma earthquake could do some damage here.
The Basin Hotel, one of many landmarks in Eureka Springs. We've stayed there once, but this time, we were opting for a B&B.
The roads through town are hardly wide enough for two cars. And hills--yep, they got 'em. From what we ate over the weekend, we burned a percentage of those calories off. I'm sure we still have some cardio work to do though. We ate well, having Bubba's Barbecue, KJ’s Caribe Restaurant & Cantina, and the Chicken Coop.

We spent a few bucks here, bringing home candied jalapenos and some killer hot sauce.

Onward through the northern section of downtown. Even where we stayed, it was withing walking distance. I guess for ultra runners, most anywhere was within walking distance.
A view of the Crescent Hotel overlooking all of Eureka Springs. I have not stayed there, and I hear it is HAUNTED.
We never made it up the hill to snoop around. Maybe next time.
Seems like I remember in Sunday school, singing a song about how the wise man built his house upon the rock. There must be some real geniuses here.
In Eureka, they build them tall. This house must be 150 years old, and it's still standing and thriving as a business.
We stayed at the Piedmont House, a quaint bed and breakfast cut right out of the early 1900s. This huge house had about a dozen units, each decorated in early American style. Every room had a different theme, and every room had balcony access. I plan on doing another post about the inn and the folks who own it.
Our room was the Magnolia room. It was one of the smaller rooms, but had everything we could want. TV, refrigerator, microwave, NO PHONE (YAY!!!) and a nice shower with great water pressure. There was no jacuzzi in this room, not that I really have used them when we've had 'em. The view from the balcony was one that I could not tire of. A few weeks back, the leaves probably were on fire with color, but still this weekend was more than scenic.

Generally, I am not a die hard country music fan. I like a little here and there, but the over-polished stuff that borders with American Idol-style is what I am not crazy about. A little Waylon, Willie, edgy/rowdy stuff and some good pickin is great. We have been to the Hoedown a few times over the years, but on this trip, I did not recognize any of the players. But let me tell you, they were GOOD!
The George Brothers, who have actually had two songs on the C/W charts, played a 2 hour set that included some well played music and a few original songs. They did several covers and a few parodies and plenty of cornball comedy. They seemed like they truly enjoyed every minute of their time on the stage, which is amazing since they play over 200 gigs a year. Dawayne George has a unique voice and was a quick fingered guitar picker,
Randal George played a great bass and had a Merle Haggard-like voice. These guys are talented and will be big stars if their performance was any indication. Leslie Wright, the group's manager, sang several numbers and should be a star in her own right. Her daffy cheerleader routine was the funniest part of the night. We'll definitely be back to see these guys.
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