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A Weekend Getaway & A Giveaway Winner

Posted Apr 22 2013 7:18am

Boy and I are huuuge hockey fans and after a long, stressful few months, we decided to just get away for the weekend and catch some great hockey. Halifax's Quebec Major Junior Hockey team has some crazy talented young players, and they're having a great year. Since our local team are out of the playoffs, we wanted to cheer the Halifax Mooseheads on. 

I love roadtrips and it was a fantastic chance for Boy and I to get away from everything and just enjoy each other's company for 2 days. 
Saturday we went shopping... I LOVE going to Halifax because we don't have a Lululemon (just a little bit obsessed, if you hadn't noticed!) in Cape Breton. I order clothes online, but it can be tricky with sizing and things don't always look the same online as in person. 
I was good girl and didn't go too crazy shopping, but I did end up with a very exciting find... and I swear it just followed me home (at least that's what I tried to explain to Ryan). Oops!

I hated this skirt when it was uploaded, I thought it was frumpty dumpty and looked like old lady curtains or something, but it was actually really cute in person, especially with a bright pink tank! I can't have enough cute pink running gear, it makes me happy :)
Saturday evening we went to the hockey game, and was it ever worth the 4 hour drive! I cheered and screamed so much at the game that I can only croak out words today. Haha my throat is pretty hoarse! The game was great, the players were amazing and the rink was sold out. Everyone was up and cheering - great energy!
Hockey fans.

After the game, we went out to a pub for a few drinks with a friend. It was a pretty fantastic night. The only downside was we ordered a pitcher of beer and decided to be adventurous and try a local beer, but didn't realize it was a dark beer. We're wimps with unrefined taste when it comes to beer, so it was pretty hard to drink... Happily, I have discovered the trick to handling the situation. Ladies, if you don't want to drink gross beer, wait until your man had a glass or two, then start pointing out things happening behind him ("omg, I think those two guys are going to fight each other over that chick!" - note, it's ok to invent scenarios too, as long as he turns around). When boy turns, stealthly dump 3/4 of your glass into his when his back is turned. Mission successful. 
Sunday we went for breakfast with our gorgeous friend Jeannine at Cora's to celebrate her new PDR (personal distance record) - go Jeannine, 18 km = hardcore!! And waffles the size of my head with giant mountains of fresh fruit and whipped cream? Yes, please. 

We took our time driving home yesterday, and I caught up on all my fave blogs during the trip home (tip: before you leave your house, open a bunch of blogs on your computer or tablet so the pages load on each tab - then when you're in the car you can read them!). I'm a little tired, but so happy. I don't know what it is about getting out of town for the weekend, but it leaves you refreshed and ready to take on the world again. It was a blissful weekend and I just feel grateful for all the wonderful people in my world. 
And after a few extra cheat meals this weekend (A&W onion rings, why are you so delicious?!) I'm more than ready to go back to my clean, healthy meals and I'm looking forward to a week of lots of running!!
Finally, I promised to post the winner of the Handful Giveaway today!

Congratulations to Laima!!

Shoot me an  email  when you get a chance so I can hook you up with your faaaabulous new Handful sports bra :)
I hope everyone is having a lovely start to the week!
Tell me something you did this weekend!
What was your last roadtrip?
Any other hockey fans out there? Who's your favourite team? - I'm a big Detroit Red Wings fan! 
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