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A Week of Xtraining

Posted Nov 09 2012 12:00am

 And this one:  

I also tried this one and this one. It only came to about 25 minutes of working out, but ay caramba. I was still feeling it yesterday, especially those love handle exercises.
Cassie is a bit mad but I guess the exercises work, so who am I to judge?!
On Wednesday I got myself back to the gym to try some alternative xtraining as I was in dire, dire need of breaking a sweat. Not just a yoga/Pilates sweat, but a proper drenching, tomato-faced sweat!
First, I hopped on a bike and cycled 10k in 20 minutes, getting that sweat flowing. And although I cycle every day of the week, to and from work, I guess it's a bit different when you put your back into it.
I really don't know why Picstitch doesn't show half of the pic once I load it? But this is the bike, I promise!

Then I jumped on the xtrainer/elliptical and did 25 minutes of hill training at about level 10 (which is roughly a medium level?!). I was surprised that despite the tempo not feeling half as hard as getting on the dreadmill, I still managed about 4.5k, so not that different from doing 5k in about the same time.

And then I did something that I usually don't do. I got in the pool. Not to play and frolick, but to swim! To work out. Yes, me!!! I swam 10 lanes in that pool in 10 minutes, that is 250m in 10 minutes. That must be a new world record, right? And it's not even a shabby pool:

And although I didn't feel half as good as I do after a good ole' run, I'm glad I finally got my sweat glands working again (and rewarded myself with a dip, ok, more like 'chill' in the hot tub...Bliss!!!). I don't think I'll ever be happy again cutting running out of my life, but for now, while my ankle is still calling for rest, I'll make do with these slightly inferior* forms of exercise until I'm back to my old self! 
*Just kidding, all exercise is good exercise....obviously!
How do you cross-train when you're suffering with an injury?
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