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A very l o n g week…then Christmas!

Posted Dec 24 2010 12:00am

I had a VERY long week at work…even though it was only four days long it felt like about fifteen. Gah!

I don’t know what my deal was but I was being an overly emotional girly girl. It all started on Sunday afternoon.

Our hermit crabs have been left in their cage for quite some time so I thought I would be nice and take Floyd out so he could see the world. The last time he had been out to really visit the world was when he was crawling around my desk at work a few weeks ago.


“If only I could be a blogger…”


Obviously it was a slower night at work.


I managed to entertain myself by letting a crab scamper around my desk…


“You think these sunglasses will keep me caged in?!”

Yay, that went great for about…oh…two minutes!

I picked up Floyd, walked to the couch and sat down. About 30 seconds in I felt him wiggling around in his shell…getting all ready to get the guts to come out. Rather than come out and be all crawly aroundy and fun he pinched me!

For the firs time every one of the hermit crabs pinched me!

I freaked out. I tossed the crab aside (he landed on a couch cushion and is fine!) and burst into tears. Honest to goodness tears. Shaking, ugly faced crocodile tears.

Chris looked concerned, noticed there wasn’t any blood and then started laughing. It was embarrassing…stupid emotional me!


Then on Wednesday morning I walked into work and the first email I read hit me below the belt. It was petty and stupid but I took it extremely personally. Wowza. Again, I was being overly emotional and it was embarrassing! Thank goodness for awesome co-workers and Christmas gifts…


This was hand delivered to my desk late on Wednesday morning and it made my day. It was something small – coffee mug full of chocolates – and everyone in the department got one. I didn’t care. It made my day so much better! Completely changed everything around.


I had so much piddly work to do and the office politics were blowing up in my face. I’d make a horrible political anything…I suck at politics and not hurting feelings and blah, blah, blah.

On Thursday morning I came into work a bit late to find all sorts of treats on my desk. I’m not going to lie…working in five departments through out the year had its benefits! ;) I got lots of chocolate and other homemade treats. Yum!


I had some toasty hot chocolate in my new Santa mug…how is that for Christmas spirit!


Hot chocolate, Santa and a Happy Holidays Chinese take out box.

All of the treats softened the blow of more political crap at work. I work in the tourism industry, there is no reason I should have to deal with so much political crap. Besides, I am horrible at it. Especially when I am an emotional basket case.

I spent my Friday off laying around the house surfing around the internet, thinking about baking, doing some laundry and then I finally drug my butt outside at 4pm for a run. Finally an outdoor run! We had a dusting of snow, just enough to cover all the icy spots…risky. I made it 4.63 miles with a pace somewhere around 10:40.


Not a great pace, but it was hard work running in snow and on ice!


Running uphill on a snow and ice chunk covered sidewalk is difficult…I walked…which is my excuse for being slow. I also stopped twice to blow my nose… My poor gloves could only handle so much snot! ;)

This is all I’ve got for now…I’ll have more after the weekend with the in-laws. Merry Christmas all ya’ll.

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