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A run with my little buddy

Posted May 13 2010 12:00am
Tonight, David has a work/dinner thing, so Beans and I are on our own. I planned ahead and brought my running clothes and the baby jogger to school with me. I changed right before dismissal, which prompted my students to start asking questions about my running life. They assumed that because I was running today that it must mean that I had a race. Oooh, teachable moment! I told them that this was my homework to prepare for my next race, which is completely true.

After sitting in a hour's worth of traffic, which is always the case when you work in Brooklyn and live on the Long Island, I pulled up to my son's babysitter's home. She took one look at me and knew what I had planned. She warned me that Beans was very cranky because he took a really short nap. Shoot. I didn't have a long run in mind, but I did hope he would be willing to be strapped in for 3 miles. So knowing that he wasn't in a great mood, I decided to aim for 2 miles instead.

I'm pretty glad I made that decision before the run and not during. I'm out of practice running with the jogger. I ran twice with him in April, but I was running with David, who runs at a slower pace than I do. Today I started out trying to run full only lasted about 0.6 before I decided I needed to slow down.

It's weird, but because this run was shorter and slower than I anticipated, I almost feel like it doesn't count. I wonder if anyone else thinks that way.....
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