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A rough guess at my pace for the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:08pm

I'm planning on running the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon on April 21. It's way to early to decide on a pace for the race, but I thought it might be helpful during my training to have a rough idea of the pace I might run during the race.

My PB for the half-marathon is 2:21:56 and was sent in August 2006 at the Great Salt Lake Half-Marathon. In April, I would like to set a new PB of 2:10:00 or faster. To reach 2:10:00 I would need a pace of 9:55, but because I'm taking walking breaks, I would actually need 9:25. My average pace for the GSL was 10:47. Thus, I would need to reduce my average pace for the race 1 minute 23 seconds. That, basically, is my goal during the next 2 1/2 months: to reach my August 2006 pace and then beat it by 1:23.

Note: when I speak of my PB for the half-marathon, I'm referring to my recent running of that distance. The race in August 2006 is my only running of a half-marathon. Twenty five years ago, when I ran marathons, I didn't run any half-marathons, but my time for the first half of the four marathons I ran was about 1:51:21. If I had been running a half-marathon instead of a full marathon, I would have run faster and would have had a time about 1:31:42. Because of my age it isn't realistic for me to try to run a half-marathon in 1:31:42, so I'm trying to set a new PB for a recent running of that distance.

I think it may be realistic for me to try to beat the 1:51:21 number, but first I have to do 2:10:00 or faster. As my friend, Bruce, says: baby steps, baby steps.

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